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Certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner
The Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing

Kathleen Lambeth

Kathleen is known for being steady, reliable, endlessly patient, caring and compassionate. Her clients thank her for helping them to see things about their lives that they couldn’t see by themselves and tell her how much she inspires them.

She has experience of working with most types of clutter and a wide range of people and situations. Born and raised in Melbourne, she is available to do clutter clearing consultations in the Melbourne area and anywhere in Victoria.

What attracted Kathleen to clutter clearing is that she loves working with people, and especially those who really want to change.

I love the moment when someone lights up and has an “aha” moment about their clutter and can move on in their life.

Her educational background includes a B.A. degree in Anthropology and Aboriginal Studies from the Australian National University and a Diploma of Education to teach English as a Second Language, which she put to good use while living in Japan and the UK for a while. After returning to Australia, she continued to teach English, obtained a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology from Swinburne University, and also owned and managed a restaurant for six years.

Since 2007 she has been a family mediator with Relationships Australia, specializing in working with couples who are separating and older people who are having difficult relationships with other family members.

A mother of two adult boys, Kathleen enjoys taking long walks, kayaking, skiing and gardening, as well as looking after her three chickens who keep her supplied with eggs. She has a daily meditation practice and a keen interest in self-improvement.

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