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Oct 2023: Fast-Track Clutter ClearingZero Procrastination
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How to Clear Your Clutter
This book contains the distilled wisdom of our combined 60+ years’ experience of helping people around the world to clear their clutter. Also available as a free ebook and audiobook. Read more...
Zero Procrastination
The key to overcoming procrastination is to live your life top-down, not bottom-up, as so many people do. This insightful 21-day online course will teach you how! (October 5-25, 2023) Read more...
How to Clear Your Clutter
Need help to clear your clutter? Download the free ebook or audiobook of our game-changing guide to decluttering your home. It can be read or listened to on any device. Read more...
Fast-Track Clutter Clearing online course
Need expert help to declutter your home? My online courses have been taken by 10,000+ people in 70 countries. My next 21-day Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course starts on March 5. Read more...
Carrot peelers
When you start clutter clearing your home, it works best to begin with general household items. Get some easy successes under your belt before tackling more challenging types of things. Read more...
Sugar cubes
There’s a wonderful story at the start of William Dufty's bestselling book ‘Sugar Blues’, where he describes his first encounter with the biggest Hollywood star of the 1920s, Gloria Swanson. Read more...


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