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Last Christmas shipping dates
If you're planning to order any space clearing products or books before Christmas, please order early to make sure the items arrive on time. Here are the last shipping dates.
Kick-Start Clutter Clearing
Get the new year off to a great start with this highly motivating series of four weekly classes taught by Richard Kingston via Zoom. Maximum of 12 participants per group.
Over-attachment to material things
We can’t take any of our material possessions with us when we die, so why is it that some people feel so attached to their belongings while they are alive?
Do you really value your time?
Every minute of every day, we have choices about how we use our time. The decisions we make about this determines our level of joy, fulfilment and much, much more.

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How to clutter clear your home 20 minutes at a time
How to clutter clear your home 20 minutes at a time
We all know the old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The same principle can very easily be applied to clutter clearing too.
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The art of intercepting clutter before it even starts
The art of intercepting clutter before it even starts
The thousands of choices you make each day may not each seem important in themselves. But together they all add up to create the path that you take in life.
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How houseplants can be clutter
How houseplants can be clutter
Houseplants are a bit different to the other things you own because they are living things. But, like everything else, they can become clutter. This article explains how that happens.
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The best place to store ashes
The best place to store ashes
I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer to this question may surprise you!
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