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Free clutter clearing sessions
One of our professional clutter clearing trainees is offering free sessions in the Bristol area of the UK in September/October 2023. No charge except for travel and materials at cost. Read more...
The dates of our next Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training have now been set. Part One will be in April 2024, followed by Part Two during May to September 2024. Read more...
How to clear your clutter ebook
This game-changing guide to decluttering your home will have you up and decluttering in no time, with amazing results! Get your ebook copy today! Paperback and audiobook editions coming soon. Read more...
Let go of clutter
What would your life be like if your home were completely clutter-free and you were totally up to date with everything you need to do? Can you even imagine that? Read more...
Clutter clearing ripple effect
There is something I call the clutter clearing "ripple effect" that a significant number of people experience during every in-person workshop or online clutter clearing course I have ever taught. Read more...
There’s a huge difference between the deep, lasting changes that clutter clearing can bring about and the superficial effect that just tidying and organizing the things in your home creates. Read more...


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