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Richard Kingston
To continue to help as many people as possible during the pandemic, Richard Kingston is still offering an introductory 20% discount to anyone who has not worked with him before.
Moving home can be hard work but it doesn’t have to be stressful too. Here are some helpful tips garnered from years of experience to make the process go smoothly.
Solving the great mysteries of life
I’m reading a book at the moment about how many centuries it took for the human race to figure out how babies are made. The mystery wasn’t solved until 1875.
Microwave oven
The debate goes on. Are microwave ovens safe to use or not? After all these years, still no one is sure. It’s an experiment I’m not willing to participate in.

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How to clutter clear your home 20 minutes at a time
How to clutter clear your home 20 minutes at a time
We all know the old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The same principle can very easily be applied to clutter clearing too.
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The curious phenomenon of clutter blindness
The curious phenomenon of clutter blindness
“Looked but failed to see” is a major cause of road accidents. There’s something similar, though not as potentially fatal, that can occur in our homes in relation to clutter.
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What's missing from minimalism
What's missing from minimalism
Everything in life works better without clutter. But some minimalists take this too far and try to exist with the absolute minimum number of things they need to get by.
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The best place to store ashes
The best place to store ashes
I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer to this question may surprise you!
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