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Old photos
A question that often comes up in my Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter online course is how to dispose of old photos in an energetically conscious and considerate way.
Creating conscious space
Learn how to bring more consciousness to the space of your home so that it will nurture and support you at deep levels. A 21-day online course, June 5-25, 2021. 
Zero Procrastination
‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by,’ Douglas Adams once said. How many great books were lost to time because of his procrastination?
Sleeping with a pet
While there are many benefits to owning a pet, our humanization of them may have gone too far. There is a spiritual cost that you may not be aware of.

All-Time Most Popular Articles

Does it matter where you keep your shoes?
Does it matter where you keep your shoes?
In most Asian cultures it is common practice to remove your shoes before entering a home. This is because it is well understood that low level energies tend to sink to ground level...
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The best place to store ashes
The best place to store ashes
I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer to this question may surprise you!
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What's missing from minimalism
What's missing from minimalism
Everything in life works better without clutter. But some minimalists take this too far and try to exist with the absolute minimum number of things they need to get by.
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How often do you change your bed sheets?
How often do you change your bed sheets?
You know that delicious feeling when you slip into freshly laundered bed sheets? Ever wondered why it feels so good? This article explains why!
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