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Most Recent Articles

Introductory half-price course
Taking the first step to tackle clutter is often the hardest part of the process. To make this easier, I’m offering half-price introductory tickets to my Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course. Read more...
Clutter and intelligence
It’s a curious fact that some super-intelligent people have clutter, either because they cannot help it or because they have convinced themselves it’s useful in some way. But is it? Read more...
We live in a time where it is now possible to recycle many things that a couple of decades ago would have ended up in landfill or a municipal incinerator. Read more...
Antidote to chaos
What’s on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside. But do you know you can also change what’s on the inside by changing what’s on the outside? Read more...
Word clutter
It’s a curious fact that people who have a lot of clutter tend to use more words to express themselves. So can reducing word clutter help you to live clutter-free? Read more...
Yak shaving
Yak shaving is sure to have happened to you, but you didn’t realize it because you didn’t know it had a name. Understanding it will help you to avoid it. Read more...


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