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Doreen Uzice

Doreen Uzice is based in London and has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2015. She primarily works onsite with clients in the Greater London area and Home Counties, and online with English-speaking clients anywhere in the world.

One of the first things you notice about Doreen when you meet her is that she really cares about people. In her professional life, what she values most is being able to make a difference in people’s lives, and every aspect of her career has been about adding to her repertoire of skills to enable her to help others at deeper and deeper levels.

Ask her what she enjoys most about clutter clearing and she’ll tell you that it’s seeing how her clients feel like a burden has been lifted from their shoulders by the end of a session. As one client said:

Doreen helped me to feel free. I realised how much I was afraid of the future by keeping things I didn't need and didn't even like. I never believed that I could get sorted, but I did! I believe in myself now. I can declutter, reorganise, and clean my home!

Doreen works with all types of clutter and particularly enjoys kitchen, bedroom and wardrobe areas. ‘I’ve always loved clearing and reorganizing kitchens’, she says, ‘because an ordered kitchen makes it so much easier to put together a meal’. And she especially likes helping to declutter wardrobes for similar reasons: ‘It becomes so much easier to decide what to wear when everything is organised and you don’t have so much stuff.’

In addition to clutter clearing, she has been a massage therapist since 1993 and a massage teacher since 1994. She has run her own massage school since 2003, specialising in courses that range from holistic and sports massage to aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage as well as CPD for already qualified massage therapists. She’s interested in all aspects of health and well-being, and in her spare time loves to keep fit by running, practising Wing Chun and walking in nature.

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