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Certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner
The Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing

Birgit Boess

Birgit has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2015 and is available to do online consultations with clients all over the world.

Born in Munich, Germany, she has lived in the city all her life and has also travelled widely in Europe and North and South America. She loves meeting new people, exploring new cultures and learning new languages.

She speaks fluent German and English, has a good working knowledge of Spanish, Italian and French, and also knows some Russian, Greek and Arabic.

Birgit’s interest in spiritual pursuits started at an early age. She started meditating when she was 15 and has continued to do so, in one form or another, ever since.

In her professional career, Birgit initially trained as a graphic designer and later as a Wellness and Relaxation Therapist (Wellness- und Entspannungstherapeut), achieving instructor status in both fields. Her love of shiatsu emerged from this and she now divides her time between working as a shiatsu practitioner and as a clutter clearing practitioner.

When asked what she most enjoys about clutter clearing, she will tell you:

I love the clarity that clutter clearing brings and seeing the smile on people’s faces when the burden of clutter is lifted off.

Known for her trustworthiness, natural organizing abilities and being able to quickly understand the essence of what’s needed, clients frequently say how safe they feel when working with her and how they appreciate the humour and lightness she brings to the clutter clearing process, making it feel easy to achieve their goals.

Birgit has three adult children from her first marriage, who she raised by herself as a single mother for a number of years, and she is now happily married again.

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