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Karen Kingston • Last updated 16 July 2021

Karen KingstonFor many years I taught one-day Clear Your Clutter workshops, and at some point during the day (usually a few hours in), it would become clear that many participants felt they had got what they came for and just wanted to go home and start madly clutter clearing.

They didn’t, of course, because they had paid for the whole day, and they left better equipped to do the job if they stayed to the end. But I often wished I could pause the workshop at certain points to allow them time to action what they'd learned and get the most value from it.

Well, now I can.

I’ve put together some interactive online courses that you can now take in the privacy of your own home, with ample time to put into practice everything you learn as you go along.

The way the courses are structured is that I post a new step every three days, which means that if life gets busy you can still keep up, and whichever world time zone you live in, you will be able to participate with ease.

I'm very happy and excited about this new development. Over 10,000 people from 60+ countries have already participated in the courses and the results have totally exceeded my expectations. I have been very pleased with the depth of content I am able to pass and the realizations and clutter clearing successes that people obtain. These courses are a way that anyone in the world can now access my teachings and immediately apply them in their daily life. I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time and am very glad that it’s now possible. I hope you are too!

My style of teaching these courses is quite unusual, so here are some clarifications about it in response to questions I've been asked...

Who are the courses for?

The courses are conducted entirely in English and are open to anyone in the world, aged 18 or over.

What is the content of the courses?

The courses are specifically tailored to the needs of each particular group. I know the starting point and the destination and the steps to get there emerge as we progress, based on my experience of teaching tens of thousands of people in person in workshops around the globe since 1996. It is therefore not possible to get an advance syllabus for the course (some people have asked). The content varies from group to group, according to what is needed.

What is the format of the courses?

Each course consists entirely of posts to a secure, private message board, with no connection to any social media platforms. There are no complicated downloads of any kind, or any audio or video components. You can log on to read my posts and comments and make your own posts and comments at any time of the day or night during the course. It is entirely up to you how much time you put into actioning the steps. There is no need to log on at any specific time. Many participants find it works well to visit a couple of times per day (for example, morning and evening), but you can do so as often as you like.

The interactive dialogue between myself and the participants, and between the participants themselves, is an essential component of each course. I post a new step every three days and each person then actions it and makes a post about it within three days or asks questions if they get stuck. All the steps remain online until the end of the course so that if anyone falls behind they can catch up as soon as possible.

How much time will I need to commit to a course?

You will get the most from a course if you make a post every three days. The length of time it takes each person to complete each step is very individual, but as a general guideline I suggest you spend half an hour each day reading the message board and as much additional time as you can actioning each of the steps. In practice, the posts of other participants are usually so interesting that many people like to spend extra time reading and commenting on them too, although I do ask that no one makes more than two or three comments to each step so that it doesn't create too much content for others to comfortably be able to read.

Do I need to be at home to take a course?

If home is where all your stuff is then yes, you will need to be at home during most of the course in order to do the steps. If you need to be away for a few days during a course, that's fine. Just catch up as soon as possible when you get back.

Which is the best course to take first?

My clutter clearing courses have been designed so that there is a progression in this order:

Foundational clutter clearing courses
Fast Track Clutter Clearing
Zero Procrastination
Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter

Many people sign up to take all three courses in a row in that order. Some start with whichever course they can and take the other courses next time around. Others just take one course, and that's all they need. All the courses interweave and complement each other, so it doesn't matter too much which one you begin with. The important thing, if you have clutter, is to make a start on clearing it!

Follow-on clutter clearing courses
Declutter Your Clothes - For help with decluttering your clothes
Living Clutter-Free - Open to anyone who has taken the three foundational courses and wishes to go deeper

Other courses
Creating Conscious Space - For anyone who already lives clutter-free
The Seven Levels of Consciousness - To learn to access higher levels of consciousness

Space clearing courses
After our new space clearing book has been published, Richard and I are planning to offer some online video courses about various aspects of space clearing.

Is it OK to take two courses at the same time?

I sometimes offer more than one course in the same month. Taking two courses simultaneously is possible but is not recommended unless you have the time and commitment to do so. Most participants find that it works best to take one course at a time and do it in depth. After all, trying to cram in too much is exactly what causes people to end up with too much clutter in the first place! 

When will I have access to a course?

You will have access from the first day of the course until midnight US Pacific Time on the last day of the course, when it will be taken offline and deleted. Please be sure to read everything you wish to read before then. No missed course material can be supplied to any participant after the end of any course in any circumstances. After it's been deleted, it's gone.

Will I have to upload a photo of myself?

A lovely camaraderie develops between participants, which is partly due to the virtual space that I create and hold during the course and partly due to each person having a recent photo of themselves next to every post they make. Without the photo, it wouldn't work nearly so well. Your name, email address, and location in the world are all kept completely confidential, so you will simply be known by your first name (or a nickname you choose) and your photo. It is quite simple to upload your own photo or, if you prefer, you can send it by email and I or my course administrator will upload it for you.This needs to be done within the first three days of a course.

What is a virtual space?

Those who have attended one of my space clearing workshops will know that one of the skills I have cultivated over the last 35 years is being able to create high-level spaces in rooms and buildings. Since 2005, I have also been developing the ability to do this virtually. So during each online course, I open a virtual space that facilitates passing my teachings and allows participants to access deeper levels of insights.

To my knowledge, there is no one else in the world teaching public online courses through consciously created virtual spaces, so I am pioneering this technology. It requires the development of specific subtle body structures that can take many years to build through particular forms of meditation and other spiritual practices. I feel very strongly how important it is that some forerunners at this time develop the use of internet technology to pass teachings at this level so that it will be available to generations yet to come. What a sad world it will be when we all live in virtual reality (which is sure to come and is happening very fast now via Facebook and so on) if it is devoid of spiritual dimension.

Many participants are able to tangibly feel the virtual space that accompanies each of my courses. Others simply experience it as a feeling of depth, safety, and remarkable heartness and camaraderie between the participants.

More information: What's different about my online courses

Special offer

An added bonus is that you will have the option to purchase a copy of my Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui audiobook (CD edition) at a discounted price from the day you book until the day the course ends. I’ve decided to offer this because so many people have commented on how motivating it is to hear my voice rather than just reading the book themselves. Combined with being in daily contact with me via posts on the message board during the course, it has proved to be a winning formula.


One of the reasons I feel my courses are so successful is because participants do not know each other, and everyone knows that the course will be deleted when it has finished. This anonymity and confidentiality helps each person to feel able to be more open and honest in their posts, and it allows me to help everyone to get the most value from the experience. It is also a condition of participating in the course that each person agrees not to share the content with anyone outside the course. This includes my posts and other people’s posts, both during the course and after it has finished. 


I've been asked if participating in my online courses can count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. The answer is no, because they are designed as personal, not professional, courses, and the number of hours each person invests will differ greatly.

Testimonials from course participants

I never would have thought an online course could be so supportive and give such hands-on practical guidance for everyday life events. That is, not until I took one of Karen's courses. – British participant
I feel like a parched plant getting drops of manna with every piece of new learning – American participant
Each course is a joy, and at times a challenge, and the space created here is unique. I do not do social media or online stuff as a matter of course - I never feel safe with it and am probably a bit of a dinosaur where technology is concerned - but here I feel that Karen's ability to hold the space and the authenticity and honesty of all the participants is just amazing. – British participant
I have read and reread everyone's posts and am in awe as to how heartfelt and open everyone’s shares are. I could never have anticipated the depth of these courses, and how brilliant Karen is at what she does. My deepest appreciation. - American participant
It's great to get a new step every three days and to actually do the changes in my own home and my own life. The interactive part of making posts, sharing with all the participants, getting support, and being able to ask questions is powerful too. Just posting has strongly shifted something within me. – Swedish participant
Thank you so much, Karen. Your courses are a profound blessing in my life. Over the last three months of courses I have taken with you, there has been a reorientation of my consciousness into a much more expansive perspective. I hardly recognize the new me but I sense that this is the real me that has been trapped and stuck for so long. – American participant
I so enjoy the space Karen provides for all of us - a safe and nurturing platform to help us challenge and change ourselves and grow. – American participant
I've taken several of Karen's courses and in each one I've found myself thinking 'I can't believe I'm telling the group this'. I've come to realise that it's part of the magic of the way Karen structures the classes and it's certainly the only place online (or even offline) that I've felt okay to do this. And I always feel better for it, too. – Australian participant
In Karen’s courses I am able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time and am forever enriched by the deep, personal and respectful interactions with fellow participants. – American participant

Other questions

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, feel free to ask.

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