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Karen Kingston • May 1, 2019

Healthy home

A healthy home survey checks key areas of your home for aspects that can seriously affect your health. It can be done at the stage where you are considering buying or renting a new home, to make sure it will be a healthy place to live. It can also be done after you move in if you find you are not sleeping well, always wake up feeling tired, or start to become unwell.

The consultation includes checks for geopathic and electromagnetic stress in key areas of the home (beds, desks, sofas, etc) and offers a range of solutions, if needed.

Electromagnetic stress

Our planet is now saturated with as much as a billion times more electromagnetic radiation than a hundred years ago, in the form of radio waves, microwaves, satellite transmissions, and all the electrical equipment we have in our homes and workplaces. Hundreds of reputable scientific surveys have concluded that this can have a detrimental effect on our health, leading to the World Health Organisation reclassifying radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in 2011 as being possibly carcinogenic to humans (read WHO announces cell phone may cause cancer), and the Council of Europe calling for a ban on the use of mobile phones (cell phones), DECT cordless phones, WiFi and wLAN systems in all classrooms and schools in Europe.
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Geopathic stress

This is the name given to the harmful effects of unstable or disrupted natural electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth.
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Consultation fees

The length of time needed for a healthy home consultation depends on the size of the building and the issues involved. For example, a 2 bedroom home can take 30 minutes, or it can take an hour or more if there are complex issues to resolve.

Karen Kingston: $200 per hour
Richard Sebok: $150 per hour
Karen Kingston & Richard Sebok: $175 per hour (for large properties)
All rates are in Australian dollars and include 10% GST

Travel time & expenses: Depending on your location, there may be an additional charge for travel time and expenses.

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