Professional clutter clearing practitioner training

Last updated 30 June 2021

About the training

Richard and Karen KingstonThis training, taught by Richard and Karen Kingston, covers a range of highly effective techniques and skills that are not taught in any other professional clutter clearing program.

Major emphasis is placed on learning to discern the underlying reasons why a client has accumulated clutter in the first place, to help the person to gain a new perspective about it. This results in a greater willingness for them to let it go and much less likelihood of them ever wanting to acquire clutter again in future.

The training also includes advanced personal energy management techniques that are vital for all professionals in this field of work to know and practice.

The training is in two parts:

Part One: A 4-day residential training in the UK
Testimonials from previous Part One participants

Part Two: A 5-month training conducted via email, video conferencing and a private message board
Testimonials from previous Part Two participants

Part One is designed to give each participant the knowledge and skills to work professionally with clients. This is then put into practice in Part Two. Completion of both parts of the training to the required standards is required for Clutter Clearing Practitioner certification.

It is a condition of registering for the training that each participant agrees NOT to claim to have been trained by Karen Kingston as a Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner if they do not complete both parts of the training or do not maintain Continuing Professional Development requirements after certification. This would be unethical and unfair to those who do the work of achieving and maintaining certification status.

Who the training is for
This article explains who this training is for and who it is not for:
About professional clutter clearing

Preliminary courses

It is essential that you work through all levels of your own clutter before offering this service to others so that you know first-hand what is involved and are not preaching something you do not practice yourself. It's also important to have sourced your own clutter issues so that you do not project them onto clients.

If you are interested to take this professional training, the first step is therefore to take the following courses and actively participate in each of the steps:

Foundational courses
Fast-Track Clutter Clearing
Zero Procrastination
Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter

Advanced course
Living Clutter-Free

These are not professional courses but the information included in them and the experience of taking them will provide the necessary basis for the knowledge and skills taught in the professional training.

The content of the three foundational courses has evolved substantially since they were first made available in 2013 so to be eligible to apply to take the next Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training, it will be necessary for you to have taken those courses in 2015 or later. If you have taken earlier courses, they will not qualify.

Important note
Participating in these online courses will not equip or qualify you to do professional clutter clearing and will not automatically mean you will be accepted for our professional training program. The courses have been structured with the intention that each person will get value from them regardless of whether or not they go further, but we will only be inviting the people we feel confident we can train to continue to take the professional training. We have no wish to waste anyone's time or money.

Future trainings

No trainings are scheduled at the moment due to the pandemic. The earliest possible date for the next training is 2023 and the fees are not yet known.

The best way to make sure you know about future trainings as soon as they are announced is to subscribe to Karen Kingston's free monthly newsletters


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