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Karen KingstonAbout professional training

My training covers a range of highly effective techniques and skills that are not taught in any other professional clutter clearing program.

Major emphasis is placed on learning to discern the underlying reasons why a client has accumulated clutter in the first place, to allow them to gain a new perspective about it, which in turn leads to a greater willingness to let it go. The training also includes advanced personal energy management techniques that are essential for all professionals in this field of work to know and practice.

Essential information to read: About professional clutter clearing

Preliminary courses

If you are interested to train with me, the first prerequisite is to take this series of online clutter clearing courses first and actively participate in each of the steps:

Also recommended, if you have digital clutter of any kind, is:

These courses are open to anyone in the world to take and are not professional courses. However the information included in them and the experience of taking them will provide an essential foundation to the knowledge and skills taught in the professional training. To be eligible to take the training it is essential that you clutter clear your own home before offering this service to others so that you know first-hand what is involved and are not preaching something you do not practice yourself. It's also important to have sourced your own clutter issues so that you do not project them onto clients. 

Thousands of people from over 50 countries have taken these course since they were first made available in 2013. The content has evolved substantially within that time so to be eligible to apply to take the next Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training, it will be necessary for you to have taken the prerequisite courses in 2015 or later. If you have taken earlier courses, they will not qualify. 

Part One Training

Part One is a more advanced online course for anyone who is interested to train as a clutter clearing practitioner. It is open to anyone who has taken my four public online clutter clearing courses.

Participating in Part One will not qualify you to do professional clutter clearing and will not automatically mean you will be accepted for Part Two. The Part One course is structured with the intention that each person will get value from it regardless of whether or not they progress to Part Two, but I will only be inviting the people I feel confident I can train to continue. It is an in-depth training, and I have no wish to waste anyone's time or money.

Part One Testimonials

Part Two Training

The second part of the training consists of a 4-day residential course led by Karen Kingston and Richard Sebok. It includes skills that cannot so easily be taught at a distance and also allows trainees to meet and get to know each other before embarking on Part Three. 

Participating in Part Two will not in any way qualify you to do professional clutter clearing and will not automatically mean you will be accepted for Part Three. It is hoped that all participants will continue, but it is not guaranteed. Each person will be assessed on an individual basis.

Part Two Testimonials

Part Three Training

Part Three consists of case studies conducted over a five month period via skype, email and a private message board. All trainees receive one-on-one tuition directly from Karen Kingston and Richard Sebok. 

We do not offer the type of training where you pay your money and get your certification at the end, regardless of your skills. The application process is designed to enrol the trainees who have the best chance of completing the training successfully, but there is no guarantee you will receive certification at the end. Most trainees do. However, you cannot rely on it. If certification level has not been attained by the final day of the course then it will be necessary to apply for further training.

Part Three Testimonials


For the 2016 training, the fees were as follows:
Part One: £125 + 20% VAT for UK & EU residents
Part Two: £1440 reduced to £1200 for Early Bird bookings (these prices include VAT)
Part Three: £1250 + 20% UK VAT for UK & EU residents.

We are now based in Australia, so fees for the next training will be priced in Australian dollars. The UK prices have been included here as a guideline only.

The next training

Parts One and Three can be taken online from anywhere in the world.
Part Two is a residential course.

The location and date of the next residential training has not yet been set but is expected to be in Perth, Australia, in 2018.

The next series of online courses starts in August 2017, and the next Part One online course will be in early 2018.

If you would like to receive information about future trainings when announcements are made, you can request this here


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