Testimonials - Online Sessions with Richard Kingston

Richard's online sessions are individually tailored to the needs of each person he works with and cover a wide range of topics. This testimonials page has been put together to give a flavour of what his sessions are like.

Online Clutter Clearing Sessions

WOW! What a gift! Thank you so much! The impact of my online clutter clearing session truly feels life-changing. I knew some of the techniques from online courses I’ve taken with Karen, but actively doing them with you "right there" led me to actually apply them! – Carolyn, United States

I found Richard very perceptive and spot-on, especially about the background reasons why I became so cluttered in the first place. He was skillfully able to pinpoint what needed clearing first – not what I had thought at all. He is very kind and non-judgemental. I feel a bit silly about some of the things I have hung on to for so long for no very good reason; but I felt really understood by him – Cynthia, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed and felt really energized by our session. I worked well into the evening and got so much sorted, along with two full bin bags of old cards, etc, that I was more than ready to let go of. – Celia, UK

Richard is warm and enthusiastic, putting me at ease immediately. He brings a sense of groundedness and calm which makes me feel supported. – Tracey, UK

It’s been good working with you and uncovering the reasons behind my procrastination, plus learning the strategies to move forward. I was quite hesitant to start with as I knew there would be no hiding things from you and, as a consequence, part of me felt quite vulnerable. You may be surprised to know that I’ve already taken the things to a charity shop. When I offloaded the stuff very consciously, it felt fantastic letting it go! Then I came home and did a crazy celebration dance to “Happy”. Very many thanks – Amanda, UK

What I like most about Richard is his clarity, the structure he brings and his ability to guide me through a session without me feeling judged or pushed. I always felt well cared for. His questions brought some great 'Aha!' moments to me which helped me to let go of things that were no longer supporting me and I had kept way too long. – Andrea, Netherlands

In one of my sessions, probably the first, Richard strongly suggested that life would always be uphill for me if I stayed in my current home, which was my husband's birthplace and family home. I replied that there was no way he would ever move and I didn't dare even mention it to him, but I did continue to try to improve things. Yesterday he suddenly announced, 'Let's sell up and move!' Wow! EH – Ireland

Personal Insight Sessions

I enjoyed the Personal Insight session very much. It was amazing how quickly and directly we came to the heart of the matter. You really helped me to calm down and put everything into perspective. Looking forward to our next meeting. – Peter, Germany

Richard is extremely insightful, has a great sense of humor and goes right to the core of things. I always learn something about myself and continue to have insights long after we have worked together. – Marilyn, United States

Richard is insightful, fun and uplifting. I most like his sense of humor and directness. – Katya, United States

Richard is upbeat, enthusiastic, friendly, straight-talking, and very skilled and knowledgeable about his work. – Didi, UK

I have had a Personal Insight Session with Richard, which I highly recommend. I plan to do more in future as even that first one opened me up to so many more possibilities of who I am as a human being and I have greater belief in achieving more of my dreams and goals in life as a result. – Claire McLetchie, Scotland, Business Consultant


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