Clutter and relationships

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston - Readers' letters

How clutter can affect relationships

I have just finished reading your Clear Your Clutter book and have actually been motivated into tackling the bags of stuff in my study that I have had piled high since we moved eighteen months ago. When I read that cluttered areas create staleness, I looked at your diagram of the positions in the house and relationships in various areas and realised that my clutter was blocking a relationship with a couple of members in my family. How bizarre! ~ Angela

Taking clutter clearing one step further

The best thing I got rid of was the drunk I was living with! ~ Morgan, USA

Your book helped me break up with my boyfriend

I'm a young woman from the Netherlands who is really happy she found your book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I would like to share this story with you. Please excuse me for my imperfect English.

Your book helped me to break up with my boyfriend. I didn't love him and I realised (thanks to your book) that the only reason I stayed with him was out of fear of staying alone. All I needed was to have faith in the future and to meet wonderful new men. This happened two weeks ago. In the beginning, it was a bit hard but right now I feel I've made a giant leap forward. Within a week new opportunities arose to improve my love life. Thank you. ~ Lonnie, The Netherlands

Thank you for giving me the courage to move forward

I have read your books a million times and have used them to propel myself out of a rut. I purchased your books a year ago. At that time I was married to a man who did not want me to go back to school. He could not provide for our family, but would not allow me to work. I decided I needed to leave him, but to do so I needed to be able to support myself and get my teaching credentials.

The power of your books enabled me to muster enough courage to change my life course. Since then I have been accepted into a Masters program and am getting straight A's! I am also divorced with full custody of my son, and I am able to support myself with a student loan. In fact, I received a scholarship that paid for my tuition! Thank you for giving me the courage to move forward in my life! :) ~ Michelle, USA

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