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Michaela Vodenkova Polakova

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Michaela is the only clutter clearing practitioner I have trained who lives in The Czech Republic. Based in Prague, her services became very much in demand after an article about her work was published in the national magazine, Respekt and then she was interviewed on Rádio Dvojka and Rádio Plus, and featured in Tchibo blog.

She has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2015 and works with clients anywhere in the Czech Republic and from all walks of life.

Michaela’s background is that she studied at Charles University in Prague, obtaining Masters degrees in Economics and Education and a Certificate of Achievement in Psychotherapy. She devotes half of each week to working with clients who need help to clear their clutter and the other half as the Financial Controller of a large corporation.

When you ask Michaela why she enjoys helping people to clear their clutter, she will tell you that it’s seeing her clients move from feeling stuck to moving forward in life again, and how even one session can restore a shine to their eyes.

I love the structure that being organized gives people. It helps them to simplify everything so that they have more free time to do what’s really important in life.

A mother of three, she certainly walks her talk. When I asked her to share her tips for balancing a successful career with a happy family life, she explained that from the age of three, she taught her children to take responsibility for their own things and to tidy their toys away after playing with them. If they spill something, they wipe it up. When they get ready for bed, they put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

In addition to her other skills, Michaela is a qualified Inner Source Techniques practitioner, helping clients to source and resolve emotional blockages that hold them back. She meditates daily and makes sure she takes care of herself so that she has plenty of energy to share with others.

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