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Certified Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing Practitioner
The Karen Kingston Schools of Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing

Martha Hayden

Martha offers a comprehensive range of services for anyone wishing to develop their full potential and navigate more consciously through life. ‘You first get clear within yourself,’ she explains on her website. ‘Then you bring clarity into the spaces in which you live and work. And finally, you propel yourself powerfully into the world.’

She has been a certified space clearing practitioner since 2006 and a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2016. Based in Florida, she regularly visits Chicago and is available to do consultations there as well as anywhere else in the US. Her other services include clarity sessions, self-discovery work, energy medicine, personal coaching, meditation, and clutter clearing classes.

Martha first became interested in personal development and holistic health when she was 15 years old. She has meditated regularly since 1978 and also has a daily yoga practice. At university, she obtained a liberal arts degree with a concentration on East-West Consciousness.

Her interest in health and nutrition began in her early twenties. She ran a health food store for a couple of years. She then trained with Barbara and Glenn Smyly of the Alivening Project and attended workshops with Leonard Orr, the founder of rebirthing. Martha became an accomplished professional rebirthing practitioner for 20 years, and during that period worked in acute care psychiatry for three years. She also became a skilled bodyworker.

From 2004-2012, Martha studied meditation and Inner Space Techniques with the Clairvision School and more recently, she trained with Donna Eden to become an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner. She is committed to continuing personal development in all its many forms and to working with clients who sincerely want deep and lasting transformation.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching people transcend limitations and move towards full self-expression and individuation. I am honored to accompany my clients on that remarkable journey.

While working full-time, Martha raised three children from the ages of 8, 9 and 10 as a single mom. One of her daughters recently expressed her appreciation for this with a lovely social media post that said: ‘Thanks… for teaching me how to meditate, cook healthy food, …paint and redo walls and floors, clean more thoroughly than 99% of people I meet know how to, speak articulately and with clear points, act with compassion and kindness, admit when I'm wrong, collaborate with others and live with integrity.’

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