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Marilyn Mars

Based in Santa Fe, Marilyn Mars primarily works with clients in New Mexico and is available to travel anywhere in the US. She is also one of only two practitioners who have so far been trained by me to offer clutter clearing consultations from a distance via skype.

Marilyn is experienced in working with all types of clutter and especially enjoys helping people to declutter kitchens and clothes closets. When asked why she likes working with clothes so much, she explains, ‘I love how people feel when they are done clearing their closets. They feel inspired and uplifted. They can go and choose anything to wear and feel good in it.’

‘Most people I work with think they will be able to clear 10-20% of their clothes,’ she says, ‘but it’s usually much more and it goes so easily. Once I teach them the techniques, they find it easy to let go.’

Marilyn loves helping people to feel current and vibrant in their life. Many of the clients she works with are going through major life changes such as divorce, moving home, or changing career and they appreciate the tremendous help that clutter clearing can bring during these types of transitions. As one client said:

You are like Mary Poppins. I feel like you’ve clarified 25 years of confusion.

Marilyn’s other field of professional expertise is Swedish massage, which she has practiced for over thirty years. ‘Clutter is stuck energy in the home and massage clears stuck energy in the body,’ she says. ‘So the two go beautifully together, and sometimes clients request both types of sessions.’ 

Marilyn keeps herself in good shape by hiking two mornings a week in the mountains near where she lives and taking Nia dance classes 4-5 times per week. She meditates daily and has done continuous personal development work for more than thirty years.

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