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Katya Wieber

Based in Chester Springs outside Philadelphia, Katya is available to do consultations anywhere in South-East Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. She has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2015 and offers hands-on consultations as well as clutter clearing talks in her local area.

She began her professional career working as architect for nine years, specializing in corporate interiors. During that time, she was involved in prestigious projects such as the design of the US Embassy in Cairo and the National Bank of Kuwait. For a number of years she also ran a successful business creating jewelry designs that were sold in galleries and museum shops across the country, including Macy’s and Nordstrom.

After taking a break to have children, she then set up and ran her own green cleaning business. It was a natural continuation of this for her to train as a clutter clearing practitioner, to be able to help people at a much deeper level. As one client said, ‘Katya doesn’t just look at how to resolve your physical mess, she helps you to examine your life circumstances which reflect in your living space. It is not often you find a kind, dedicated, efficient, sincere, hardworking person.‘

She works with all types of general household clutter, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Having Katya help me sort through my clutter was an amazing and eye-opening experience. With her gentle and non-judgmental presence she assisted me in understanding and letting go of unnecessary stuff filling my space. I am very grateful to have had her help me with this very vulnerable process. – Client testimonial

Katya has a deep love of learning and an unwavering commitment to personal growth. A long-term student of anthroposophy (the school of philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner), she and her husband have raised two children who attended a Waldorf school from kindergarten through high school. She practices meditation daily and eurythmy weekly.

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