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Dana Runge

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Dana has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2015 and is available to do consultations anywhere in Colorado (primarily Boulder and Denver), and anywhere in Vermont, which she visits once each year.

She’s one of the most naturally organized people you’ll ever meet. ‘I love sorting things’, she says. ‘When you organize your home so you know where to find things, life runs more smoothly and that frees you to do the things in life you really want to do.’

Dana’s organizing skills were put to very good use in the book-keeping business she ran for 18 years. Now, in her clutter clearing work, she specializes in helping people to put their paperwork in order, create personal budgets, and deal with all other aspects of paper decluttering and management. She also works with small businesses to put simple, effective systems in place.

I love that moment in a consultation when a client realizes that sorting through and managing their clutter is doable and a whole weight lifts off them!

As a mom with two children, Dana also specializes in helping families to declutter. ‘I get what happens in a house with kids!’ she says. And having gone through a divorce herself, she has many insights and resources to offer to anyone going through that process, to sort through their belongings and move on in life.

Dana meditates daily and has done continuous personal development work for over 15 years. In addition to her work as a clutter clearing practitioner, she has been an Inner Space Techniques practitioner since 2011 and a Clairvision-style entity clearer since 2013. Her hobbies include yoga, dance, and outdoor sports such as skiing, hiking, running and riding her mountain bike.

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