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Annette Kurtz

Annette Kurtz is the #1 space clearing practitioner in the US and the only one to have achieved advanced level certification. She is also an experienced clutter clearing practitioner. Based in Nevada, she regularly visits New England and the San Francisco Bay area, and twice a year, in spring and autumn, she travels to Europe and is available to do consultations in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ireland. She loves to travel and has a personal goal to do a space clearing in every US state.

Annette works with a wide range of people from multimillionaires to stay-at-home moms, and her background as a corporate executive for 21 years has equipped her to work in depth with business clients as well as residential. Around 50 percent of her clients request a combination of clutter clearing and space clearing consultations, which ‘works like a charm’, she says. And many are so impressed with the results she obtains that they book repeat consultations with her to refresh the energy of their home each year.

I love helping people to open to their higher possibilities and create the life they really want to live.

Annette’s clients tell her that they love her clarity, humour and the freshness of her perspective. Having lived in many countries and moved homes over 25 times in her life, she says she can really relate to people who are trying to feel at home in a new home or a new place.

A woman of many talents, Annette is also a Raymond Lo certified feng shui consultant and a grief recovery specialist. In her spare time she loves to go for long hikes and spend time in nature. She feels a special affinity with houses and enjoys exploring different neighbourhoods. And she has had a daily meditation practice since 2000, takes regular meditation retreats and is a meditation instructor.

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