Stop 5G technology

Stop 5G

Former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, explains why 5G technology urgently needs to be stopped and replaced with safer alternatives:

International Appeal

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space - Sign the appeal

Learn more about the problem from these reputable organizations

Americans For Responsible Technology
Website & Facebook page

5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit
Website & Facebook page

Canadians 4 Safe Technology

Center For Safer Wireless
Website & Facebook page

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
Website & Facebook page

Electric Sense
Website & Facebook page

EMF Analysis
Website & Facebook page

EMF Safety Network
Website & Facebook page

Environmental Health Trust
Website & Facebook page

Parents For Safe Technology
Website/ & Facebook page

Physicians For Safe Technology

Physicians Health Initiative For Radiation And Environment
Website & Facebook page

Basic guide to EMFs
Peer-reviewed scientific studies on EMF related subjects
Powerwatch article library

The Baby Safe Project
Website & Facebook page

We Are The Evidence
Website & Facebook page

More resources and site links
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Local Stop 5G organizations in the US
Find a group

Local Stop 5G organizations around the world
Search the internet or Facebook for "Stop 5G" + the name of your country, state or city


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