Electromagnetic stress

Electromagnetic stress

The problem with EMFs

There is an entire chapter in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, that explains the health hazards that can result from exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electrical household equipment, house wiring, power lines, mobile phones (cell phones), and so on.

Published in 1996, this was considered so outspoken in its time that my publisher insisted I watered it down to avoid any possible lawsuits. Nowadays there are so many sources of this information on the internet, in scientific journals, in newspapers, and other media that it’s not at all unusual. At the back of most people’s minds there is at least a nagging concern about health issues relating to the use of cell phones (also called mobile phones), WiFi, and electrical equipment in general.

My own involvement in this came about through sensing energies in buildings during space clearing consultations. Time and time again I noticed that when I found unusually large electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around electrical appliances, someone in the home had a substantially impaired immune system. In the home of healthy clients, the fields were always normal.

I’m not talking here about measuring the EMFs with a meter, although I do now use professional meters to check the extent of the problem and show clients the readings on a digital screen. What I’m talking about is feeling the fields with my hands. For example, when hand sensing a TV belonging to a healthy person, the EMFs might extend about an inch (2.5cm) whereas the TV of someone with an immune disorder can extend as much as 5 times more when it is plugged in and up to 10 times more when it is turned on (all appliances have a magnetic field when plugged in with an added electric field when turned on).

I can also feel EMFs radiating from cables, transformers, light switches, sockets in walls, and any kind of equipment when it is plugged into a mains power source. I use exactly the same techniques as for reading the historical imprints in walls and furniture and have successfully taught it to all the practitioners I have trained and the thousands of people who have attended my space clearing workshops over the years.

It’s important, by the way, if you try this by yourself, to remove any metal from your body first. Metal acts as an amplifier to conduct the EMFs into body tissues, and you definitely don’t want to do that. So remove all metal jewelry, belts with metal buckles, glasses if they have metal wire in the frames,  and so on. Because I do this professionally, I’ve also gone to the extent of removing all metal dentistry from my mouth.

The interesting thing I’ve found is that after space clearing, the extended fields around electrical appliances usually reduce to normal, bringing some relief to the occupants, who often report they feel quite a bit better. But it’s only a temporary solution. If I visit the same home a few months later, the extended fields will have built up again. After witnessing this on many occasions, I’ve surmised that the etheric of a healthy person seems much more able to handle EMFs in their environment but immune-deficient people lack this ability and so it builds up around appliances. It was these experiences that led me to researching scientific material about the effects of EMFs on the human body, leading to the discovery that in many cases EMFs can be what actually causes a weakening of the immune system in the first place.


The World Health Organisation estimates that approximately 3% of the world population is electrohypersensitive to some extent, meaning they feel debilitating effects in some way when exposed to EMFs. When you consider that our planet is now saturated with as much as a billion times more electromagnetic radiation than a hundred years ago, in the form of radio waves, microwaves, satellite transmissions, all the electrical equipment we have in our homes and so on, what I find surprising is that the figure is so low. However it is steadily climbing with each passing year.

To learn more about EMFs and solutions for EMF problems, an excellent source of information is the Powerwatch website.

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Meters to measure electromagnetic fields

There are many devices available these days to measure electromagnetic stress but many of the ones I have tested simply do not measure what they claim to, or do not do so accurately. Here are the most reasonably priced and reliable ones I have found...

EMFields Pro meterEMFields Pro meter

Electric fields are measured in volts per meter (V/m), and magnetic fields in microtesla. Both need to be checked, and ideally you are looking for readings of less than 5 V/m and 0.025 microtesla, and definitely no more than 10 V/m and 0.5 microtesla.

The best ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) meter I have found is the EMFields Pro meter. It measures both electric and magnetic fields from house wiring, electrical appliances, and external sources such as sub-stations and power lines. The meter has an easy-to-read digital display, and a sounder that ranges from a restful buzz to a high-pitched alarm that really gets your attention.

Update Sep 2017
News from the UK is that this meter has now been replaced by the smaller and more affordable PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter.

More information & price


It's also very important to check how much microwave radiation you are being exposed to from modern communication systems such as mobile phone (cellphone) base stations, WiFi, cordless phones (DECT), digital TV and digital (DAB) radio. For this you will need a completely different meter.

The Acoustimeter comes with a very precise digital display and two series of graduated LED lights, progressing from green through yellow to red, showing peak and average readings. Most people can happily tolerate the levels shown in green. Some people report health effects in the yellow range. Almost all electrosensitive people experience adverse health effects in the red range.

Ideally you want readings of less than 0.05 V/m and no more than 0.3 V/m in all the areas of your home where you sleep and spend extended periods of time.

More information & price

Acousticom 2Acousticom 2

The Acousticom 2 is a more affordable and portable version of the large Acoustimeter, designed for personal rather than professional use. It has the same advanced microwave detector technology as the larger meter but costs half the price, is smaller in size, and weighs less than half as much.

More information & price


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