Zero Procrastination online course testimonials

Zero Procrastination online course

It's been so great to take part in such a supportive, open environment. I've really got such a lot out of Karen's expertise and reading the comments about other people's experiences. Many realizations and inspirations, and great to feel I'm not alone in this. – Australian participant

This course has helped me getting back on track and focus on my priorities again - my real goals in life. All the steps I followed, my daily lists and simply doing daily activities with more awareness, have brought so much energy in my life, and all feels lighter and more joyful. – Dutch participant

I am now tackling projects that lay dormant for a long time. They subtly nagged at me, producing a mild stress and causing me to delay what I now realize are important, life-giving projects that make life hum. Thank you, Karen, for some important changes in perspective. – American participant

Thank you so much for teaching these online courses. The inspiration and consciousness that I have gained from you and the other participants and from participating in the process has been extraordinary!  Everybody says I look better and lighter now, and I feel more myself! – American participant

I happily signed up for a second round of the Zero Procrastination because I felt a strong pull for a deeper level of understanding. I enjoyed this second time so much more because I have realized that I am not here to perfect each step -- I am here to seize those “A-ha!” moments when I realize, "Ohhhhh, THAT is why I stack my bills all over the house," or "THAT is why I turn my projects in late at work!" Or whatever it is... – American participant

I've always been a list-maker but Karen's system has been a real game-changer for me. I've managed to get rid of a backlog of tasks, some of which had been taunting me for years! – Canadian participant

I very much appreciated the content of the course you delivered but also want to emphasize my appreciation of the format you chose: using a discussion forum as the platform for both teaching and experience sharing is such a great idea! This allowed us to not only get the instructions of your next exercises but also to read how others were dealing with them, even getting support from others via reply postings and - particularly helpful for me - reading how others cope with the challenges that Zero Procrastination brings with it. So I can truly say that I learned both from you AND from the other course participants. Which is knowledge sharing in the purest form. Well done, and thanks a lot. – German participant

This online course has been such a blessing for me. It has given me support to really move and make changes and clear clutter and "just do it." I've had people help and phone calls but this dynamic of 3-day modules and the postings of the participants has really clicked with me. I see it in the results and expect to keep on keeping on. – American participant

I am a bit shy and introverted, and have yet to engage in any form of social media, so I wasn't sure how this course would feel. Surprisingly, it felt safe and welcoming. I've enjoyed the experience. The kindness and enthusiasm of the other members has bought a positivity to my world that wasn't there before. For this I am grateful. This class was a treat! – American participant

I feel like this course has helped me be more of a friend to myself than I can ever remember before. – American participant

This course has been incredibly useful and eye-opening for me. I have learned to switch focus from the mundane everyday to the bigger picture. I have learnt to see that I have been wasting hours, days, and weeks of energy avoiding what can be done in just a few minutes to lift the weight. I feel like I have learnt a secret to having more time, and a calmer, more harmonious way of living - a way of cleverly achieving more "me" time without feeling guilty that I should be finishing or doing something else, almost like finding more hours in the day. – British participant

Thank you so much for all the information. I've made huge strides in getting tasks done that have been nagging at me for months!! – American participant

I am really impressed with this course, and what it holds for people and has brought to me. I have been working on myself and my spiritual development for many years. There is something about this course that took what I have experienced into a real life phase for me and has helped bring a lot together. My vision of my life and the future has opened up to me in a way that it never has before. I used to be afraid to look to the future and now I am actively planning it! Something really big has shifted for me. – American participant

I feel like a different person after this course - one who wakes with so much more enthusiasm for the day, and to get going on making it productive. I've learned so many techniques and been woken up to so many aspects of behavior that I can improve upon in myself. – American participant

Time flies when you are practicing zero procrastination! This whole course went so fast. I'd been applying your books anyway, but taking this course along with listening to your book on CD has given me that extra impetus I needed to focus on the items where I was having resistance. I made a lot of positive progress and plan to continue this momentum. – American participant

I've never taken an online course before and was really not sure exactly what to expect, but it has been amazing. The safe and supportive space you provide for people has been a fantastic opportunity to move forward. – British participant

In Karen's courses, there is reflection then action, then reflection and action. Sure beats my reflection, then more reflection, then... Whew! Action definitely clears my head. – American participant

This course has managed to confront me with the exact challenges I have been avoiding dealing with for years. I feel like a light has been shined on some murky areas of my modus operandi. There has been a paradigm shift and the integration of all of this deep insight will be unfolding over time. Thank you, Karen, for your brilliant clarity and equanimity. Your words are a solid rock of sound advice and inspiration. I am comforted to know that there is no going back - I cannot un-know what I now know, and life will be forever changed. – American participant

This course has given me the courage to start, make mistakes, adjust my course and complete several things. What a relief to step into my fear of failure and emerge from the other side with more clarity, insight and something accomplished. – Canadian participant

I would like to thank Karen for creating this course. I find the platform and format really helpful, clear and, yes, free of clutter! I have done a couple of other online courses on other platforms and the amount of things to look at and how those platforms were created was very confusing to use. This is soooo much easier to use, and the space created for us all feels much safer to express oneself deeply too. – British participant

Of all the courses I have followed with you, Karen, this one really made by far the acutest impact. – Dutch participant

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