The Seven Levels of Consciousness online course testimonials

The Seven Levels of Consciousness online course

Learning about the Seven Levels has been like being given a map to a land that I have been wandering around in, lost and uncertain. It has helped me make sense of where I have been in the past, the contours of where I am now and a sense of direction for the future. I would truly say that taking the course has been one of the most important few weeks of my life. – English participant

This course is most likely the single most influential thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s impossible to put into words my gratitude that Karen decided to share her genius wisdom in the form of this course. How the world would change if everyone took heed of the exercises in it! – English participant

Karen’s clear exposition of the seven levels has been a revelation to me. – Scottish participant

Being part of the course has had a profoundly life-changing effect on me. It has led me to have a greater understanding of past experiences and to see the possibility of a clearer future. As a direct result of the course, I have changed the whole direction of my work, what I eat and how I spend my time at home with my family. – English participant

This course brought into focus things I've sensed or experienced but hadn't put a name to. – American participant

My experience of this course is that its effect is much more profound than would be expected if you just read the words on the page. This is a result, I assume, of the level of consciousness held by Karen while it was conducted. I feel a great sense of relief and the feeling of freedom that goes with it. – Australian participant

For me there wasn't a tangible outcome to this course, as in Karen’s clutter clearing courses, but rather a knowing that has been defined and I now strive towards a more purpose-filled life. This course has given me a solid foundation and with practice, awareness and perseverance I can learn to access higher levels on a more consistent basis. – American participant

Thank you, Karen, for sharing with us these different levels of consciousness. I learned things here that I never knew before in a welcoming and safe space. – American participant

Taking this course was completely different than the previous two that I took with Karen. It provided a reference point for many experiences that I have had over the years but had absolutely no understanding of. I feel I have received a certain context and framework to the unseen. There is so much that happens in between the lines that our ordinary mental consciousness does not perceive. – Canadian participant

This course has helped me realize that my awareness and level of consciousness determines my reality, and I am not as stuck as I had been thinking. I really appreciated these few weeks to delve into the steps and let them start to sink in to everyday life. Some of the experiences were almost a remembering of things I "knew" when I was younger but with a framework to understand what was going on. – American participant

I found this course interesting and enlightening. The clear description of the levels made the information tangible for me. – Canadian participant

I more fully appreciate that removing clutter is only a step towards living a more conscious life. I also think how different our world could be if people, governments and nations all operated from a higher consciousness. – American participant

Participating in this course has opened me. I notice I am more compassionate with others, less reactive, more "in the moment." I also feel more curious about my life and how I might evolve. – American participant

I have really enjoyed this course and have learned a great deal however it has also made me realise how little I know, how much more there is to learn and has really sparked my interest in following up and continuing to read and further study this subject. – English participant

This course has helped me make sense of so many experiences in my life and given me a whole new way of viewing and being in the world. – Australian participant

I have found this course interesting, challenging and thought-provoking. I could go on with a long string of adjectives and still not completely describe how I have experienced it. I have been made aware of and learnt so much, and there is much that I will absorb and integrate into my life. – South African participant

My biggest Aha from this course is how I now see things differently and understand why I have been stuck in particular areas of my life and also what I can do move through them. It’s like someone took my blinkers off. – Australian participant

Doing the Seven Levels course has led me to re-evaluate much in my life on a very deep level and as a result I am aware of yet another layer of clutter. I have just enrolled on another of Karen's online courses to give me that extra impetus to clear even more. – English participant

This course has helped me to understand other courses I have done with Karen better. Everything ties in together and makes sense.– Australian participant

This course has been the most incredible journey of my life. I feel like I have passed a threshold to a new level of understanding and knowing. I’ve been clutter clearing for over a year now and there is still so much left to be done, yet I am finally starting to see what’s underneath the surface and I feel thrilled at all the things that wait to be discovered. – Canadian participant

The course has provided me with a very clear model of the spectrum of consciousness which has helped me to understand the different levels I operate at and the mechanisms at play. I think it's very useful to have an awareness of this model running in the background to see when we are slipping down the levels and how we can rise back up. I have been fortunate enough to have had glimpses of higher levels at times in my life and it is those glimpses that keep driving me to do the work necessary to reach them again. – British participant

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