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Many people return to take my online courses again (and sometimes again and again). At first I was concerned that they must not have got what they were looking for the first time around, and for some people this was true. Life happened, they got busy, and they missed out on so much of the course that they decided to take it again at a later date.

But for most people who repeat my courses, I'm happy report that it's because they want to go deeper. This is possible because the virtual space I hold during each course is calibrated in such a way that the content can be received at many levels. So the consistent feedback I receive is that those who take it again actually get more from it than they did the first time around.

Here are some of the testimonials I've received from people who have taken multiple courses with me:


I had no idea when I started the courses earlier this year that it would be such a wonderful experience. I thought I’d clear out my stuff, acquire practical tools and put a better system in place. Well yes, without a doubt, this series has given me all of that, and so much more from a higher-level perspective. – American participant

Before the beginning of each Karen's courses, I have a certain expectation of how far it will take me further in my journey. And every time my expectations are far exceeded. – German participant

This year of participating in Karen Kingston’s courses has been a wonderful and inspiring journey for me. I have streamlined and simplified so many things in my life and gained clarity of thinking as a result of this. I found it very supportive to be part of a group of people on similar journeys. – South African participant

Karen Kingston’s courses are life-changing. I have lost most of my physical clutter. My current possessions are loved and organized. I’ve become sure of myself in regard to decision making and how I spend my time. – American participant

I appreciate everyone’s openness in sharing their stories. More than several times I wished I could send actual hugs through the internet. – American participant

I am amazed at how much my thoughts have changed on the subject of clutter since taking my first class with you ten months ago. Before this year, I wanted to hold onto everything “just in case”… children’s clothing, artwork, knickknacks… just about everything!  And now, I can’t get rid of the stuff fast enough. – American participant

Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on feng shui cures and consultations with no effect. No one EVER said anything about clearing clutter first. I have a whole new outlook on my house and life in general this year with all of my clearing. I will be forever grateful for the gift of your knowledge and my “seeing” what a detriment all my clutter has been in my life. – American participant

I’ve loved having the time on each course to reflect, to be tasked and be accountable. It has been a fantastic learning curve, a slow and ever-evolving process of self-discovery. Karen, I am so grateful for your wisdom, knowledge, experience and integrity, and appreciate that you choose to share it, through your online teachings and trainings. – Australian participant

I've thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in the virtual space of Karen’s courses — it’s been something I’ve looked forward to every day. – American participant

I have fresh eyes on all levels of clutter clearing as a result of taking the courses. So much clearing work has been done over the past three months. It’s changed how I feel within myself. There is greater peacefulness and an ability to see many things much more clearly. Many of the tools Karen has taught us are becoming second nature for me. I am committed to following through and continuing to chisel away at any remaining pockets of clutter. – American participant

As someone who has taken the Fast Track Clutter Clearing course a few times, I would just like to say that it does get easier! Sometimes I have put something back because I have not been able to part with it at that particular time. Yet at a later date I have just looked at it and put it out to donate without a second thought. – British participant

This is the second time I’ve done all Karen’s courses in a row. The first time, lots of bags went out the door, but not any of the various belongings I assumed would always be with me. During the second series of courses, the need for many of these “lifetime” possessions simply dropped away. It was an effortless process which left me with such a sense of calm. – American participant

I am deeply grateful for the safe supportive spaces you create and for all of your life-changing wisdom. I love how you have structured your courses because it allows everyone to move at their own pace without any judgments. – American participant

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