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Living Clutter-Free online course

What an incredible experience this has been. I have learned that clutter is so much more deeply related to every aspect of our physical, emotional and mental lives. I kind of understood that already from reading Karen’s books, but now I feel like I have LIVED that in a much more evidential way. – British participant

Wow – it has been quite a journey indeed. A big part has been reflecting on what really, really matters to me. I am looking around with curious eyes and a deepened awareness now. – British participant

I have spent ten years training as a therapist in both health and psychotherapy, so I have done a lot of work on myself. I think that is, perhaps, why I'm so stunned by my progress since embarking on this course. It has triggered a change in me that I never expected. It's as if a light has been switched on and life will never be the same again. Everything's starting to shift and I am absolutely gobsmacked! I'll be honest...when I first enrolled on the course, I wanted to become a clutter clearing practitioner and this course was a means to an end. However, I've got so much out of working through the different tasks that if this journey were to end now, it would still be one of the most important self development steps that I have ever taken. – British participant

A significant thing I learned from this course was to be more conscious of how it actually feels to clear clutter. It really helped me to empathise with people who have issues with clutter. I think that at the beginning of the course I was a bit arrogant (like 'we are going to be helping others') whereas during the month I've shifted to feel that we're all human and most of us have clutter. I still want to support people but I feel more compassion and respect, and would rather use a collaborative 'let's work this out together and I believe in you' approach rather than risking falling into the role of a rescuer. – Australian participant

I’m so pleased to have completed this course. I went in with a clear mind and a clutter-free house, only to find out it was so filled with deep-seated clutter, and really needs to be decluttered even more. I hadn’t realised how stuffed up everything was. I do have to laugh - after decluttering my bookcase and leaving a shelf for "New Ideas", it seems to have filled up so quickly with all the suggested references to use, but all so worth it for my growth and understanding of clearing clutter. – Australian participant

I came on the course having done many years of clutter clearing, lots of work on myself, and lots of reading, yet I feel like there is so much more to learn and much more work to do. This course has inspired me to do more reflective work, focusing on bringing to consciousness what is really going on. This is not the post I imagined myself writing at the end, which shows I have really been on a journey! Thanks to everyone on the course, too, as I loved reading your posts, and very often you brought up new insights. I appreciate the honesty in the posts which seems rare in the days of social media where posts are usually made in the spirit of ‘look how great my life is!’, which often makes it more difficult for people to acknowledge and seek support. – British participant

I feel totally blessed for the opportunity to learn with this uplifting international group. I looked forward to the posts every day. Each person brought insight and depth that made the process so rich for me. – American participant

My experience of this course has been thoroughly enriching and stimulating on many levels. I have so enjoyed the depth and openness in everyone's postings. I have wondered as I walk through my day and see people how different my perception of them would be if we were revealing more to one another. I notice my level of compassion has changed. – American participant

This course has allowed me to pause, reflect, open up, and let go of so many things at so many levels. It has helped me to really feel again, connect to my inner most core, and know that I am not alone. I have learned to be more heart-centered and conscious when I speak and to really listen, even when a person isn’t saying a word. Above all else, this course has taught me more about compassion than any other course I have ever taken, any experience I have ever encountered, or from any person I have ever met. – American participant

This month has led to some deep personal work, and I feel my inner voice finding more and more strength... The space that was created and held for us has been inspiring. Having the privilege to create and hold that space for others would be an honour. People are creative, resourceful, and whole, and sometimes we all have to be reminded that it is within our reach, as I've been reminded this month. I have been deeply moved by everyone’s contributions. – Canadian participant

I found the collective energy of the course incredibly inspiring and rode on its wave as much as I could. Though I found some of the steps completely exhausting, I noticed an overall increase in energy in my body during the last month. I've noticed during yoga practice that I'm far more supple than when the month began. I've learnt so much, not only through completing the tasks myself but also from reading about everyone else's experiences of the same process. The collective sharing of the group’s decluttering journeys has been massively empowering and inspiring for me. – British participant

This course has left me with an immense feeling of gratitude for all that I have activated, healed, let go of, and the support I have set up for further growth and development. Little did I know a 30 day journey could be so rich and fruitful. – Canadian participant

Thank you, Karen, for creating a safe space where people from different countries and backgrounds can open in full trust and respect to share their deepest thoughts, beliefs, opinions and worries that they would never usually entrust to anyone. I feel the deepest gratitude and humility that I could be a part of it. I consider it one of the most wonderful gifts of my life. – German participant

I have really found myself reflecting on so much during this course. I think those reflections will be food for thought over the next few months as I continue clearing what is not needed in my life, and discerning what I do need and want. The momentum that these courses create is just amazing and I thank everyone and Karen Kingston for all the posts that have been made. So many riches! – British participant

This is the fifth online course I have taken with Karen and all of them have been supportive. But this one was by far the most supportive and intense. – German participant

This course deepened my awareness of not just clutter clearing but also about my life in general. – German participant

Thanks for a wonderfully thought-provoking course, Karen. It’s so good to spend a month on this, and the topics have been wide-ranging and so relevant. – British participant

This has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and empathy. I have been looking at many things and topics from completely fresh perspectives. To gain this level of insight would have taken months perhaps a year of consultations! – Irish participant

When I first started these courses, I thought I was fairly clutter-free. I now realise that what I actually have is lots and lots of tidy, organised clutter. – British participant

I found the Living Clutter-Free course helpful beyond my wildest imagination. It not only consolidated all the insights from the other courses, but took me so deeply into what is making me hold onto things and how I can move through this. I have also found that because the course was so clearly structured, I have been able to keep up the momentum now that I am back in 'real life'! – British participant

This course has helped me to work on my emotional clutter in a way that I feel will lead to finally unloading it. I appreciate the focus being not on just physical clutter, but exploring our emotional, mental and spiritual clutter also. I learned that a lot of things that I saw as emotionally painful are just another layer of clutter to clear. – American participant

This is my favorite course. I really enjoyed going beyond the physical stuff and getting deeper in touch with myself. It gave my clutter clearing process deeper meaning. I appreciate the openness in the posts of participants and their willingness and dedication to grow. Some posts were really touching and inspiring. – American participant

This course was harder than the other courses. It did not have things to hide behind. It asked to me to name what I thought was unnameable. To be vulnerable. To open. And it worked. – American participant

For me, this course has been the most enjoyable of all the courses I’ve taken with Karen and the one where I’ve had some “light bulb” moments and felt a real change in me, probably as a culmination of all the other courses. – English participant

This course has been a journey of internal transformation — I’m not the same person I was just 30 days ago. Each Karen Kingston course refines my awareness, changes my relationship with my home and leads me to experience more freedom within myself. This course took all of that to a much higher level. – American participant

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