Fast-Track Clutter Clearing online course testimonials

Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course

For me, this was a thousand times better than just reading a book. – American participant

Never, in all my life, would I have thought of clutter clearing as a treat. But the way Karen structures her courses makes it more doable, and actually fun. Somehow, miraculously, she makes what was once a very daunting and painful process into something fun and empowering. Thank you so much! – American participant

I am an energy medicine practitioner and have been on the spiritual path for 30 years. I've had many wonderful healings, and I've done a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Yet Karen’s Fast-Track Clutter Clearing online course is the single most transforming thing I can point to, in terms of how much it has moved my life forward. It won't *appear* deeply transformational because it's timed to be gradual. Yet that's where the potency lies. It changes deep habits slowly, bit by bit – and permanently. – American participant

I've read your book many times but your words, combined with all the participants' sharings in the course, have really helped me to advance in more significant ways. It has been such an incredible support and inspiration. Much gratitude for help in dealing with what has been on my back for years and years. – American participant

I really enjoyed participating in this course. The content and the form in which it was taught, as well as reading everyone's experiences, helped me achieve remarkable results. Thank you, Karen and everyone, for reminding me what is truly important in life. I want to live, not just own things. – American participant

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I can't believe how much clutter I have cleared out of the house. I knew that there was a lot of clutter to go and something needed to happen, but I never expected to get rid of so much so quickly. Thank you, Karen, and everyone on the course for all of your sharing and the wonderful open space. You have all been so open and honest. It has been a privilege to go through this process with you all! – British participant

I have learned so much that I would like to put into practice. The thoughts and emotions that have been shared by everyone taking the course have been truly encouraging, honest, heartfelt and thoughtful. I admire the ability of many participants to share such personal stories and appreciate that the group has been so accepting and empathic in return. Plus, there has been so much clearing going on! – American participant

The posts have really helped me to think of things to go through that I hadn't thought of before. It has been a safe space in which to trust that I can let things go and it will be OK. Every day I have been checking in with the group and getting new inspiration to go and do some more clutter clearing! – British participant

During this course I have released some items that have been in my life for a long time, since I was a little girl. I never thought that I would ever be able to give them up. What they represented was really deep and profound. A lot of emotions came up to the surface, and I was really thankful to have this safe space to support me letting go. I have clutter cleared on my own so many times before, got rid of an easy clutter peel each time, but I have never been able to work on it at the deep level I have reached during this course. – Swedish participant

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I really enjoyed the sense of accountability to the other participants and to myself to commit to clutter clearing during this period of time. – American participant

In the past, I've read books and watched TV programs on clearing out clutter. These have given me short-lived motivation and some success. I've looked at magazines and TV home programs on decorating, readying a house for sale, and these have given me limited success. I've "collected" and read many books on Feng Shui. I've taken a course on how to be a professional Home Stager, and have worked with a team on staging a house. I've taken many courses on organizing and became a "qualified" professional. And all the while my bedroom has become the worst dumping ground for all the junk in my life! This course has worked for me because, as you said, it is an action course. And lo and behold I needed to take ACTION (apparently I didn't know that before!). – Canadian participant

The three weeks have gone quickly and I realize more and more that I need to make a choice as to how I use my time each day. Our large third floor room, which I have been promising to my daughter for her special new bedroom, has been half cleared and the new walls are up. The joy and gratitude on her face was so heart-warming. I want to give her not only the gift of this lovely new space for her, but also to see that mom can change, and I can create a more orderly home and life for all of us. – American participant

It was wonderful to have this community of motivated people to turn to at all hours. I have learnt so much from reading the postings and benefited a lot from putting my experience into the written word. I was especially touched to see some familiar faces from the courses I did years ago and see how much has changed in their houses and inside them over that time.– German participant

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Participating in this course has had a profound effect on my life and I look forward to continuing to experience the positive changes I have begun to integrate into how I live as a result. – British participant

It has been inspiring to follow everyone's posts, and to hear that others have similar issues to me. I have felt very moved by the group’s sharings. Thank you, Karen, for your straightforward, down-to-earth advice and your understanding of the feelings that come up. I found this course more powerful than attending your weekend course in person - so good to have it spread over 3 weeks, being at home with the clutter, working on it, being with the feelings and at the same time having the support of you and the group. – British participant

I really learned during this course that the issue is not the clutter itself, but what it represents. Though I know this intellectually, it sunk in on a gut/heart knowing level in a way that it hasn’t before, thanks to comments by Karen and course-mates. – American participant

My hope for this course was to be able to let go of many items I was still clinging to that belonged to loved ones who have passed away. It has been life changing for me. I am truly grateful for all the insight and tips, and for the virtual space, where I have felt VERY SECURE to write about how I feel. It has helped me tremendously. I have found more inner peace with my loved ones who have passed away. I can feel a love and understanding that was not there before. I smile more often when thinking of them. Someone said to me, "There is a light shining in your eyes that has not been there before.” That made me really happy! – Namibian participant

I have learned so much in this class. I have accomplished a lot and already feel much lighter and happier in my home. I feel proud of what I have been quietly accomplishing day by day. I NEVER thought I would be someone who would wake up thinking excitedly about what clutter to get rid of this morning. I usually would put blinders on and practically step over it. – American participan

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I engaged with the clutter clearing in a deep and rather intense way, and the group online space supported that. I loved reading everyone's posts of their own experiences and lives. The sharing really helped me to be connected to something larger than myself, and just that alone made the experience more fun and meaningful. – American participant

I've learned, in a more conscious way, that actually clearing clutter takes a lot more work than bringing it in in the first place. Except for a couple of items, my decision-making has been very clear during the class. I will use this clarity to intercept any tendencies to bring in clutter before it reaches my doorstep. And I will ask myself if the physical object that I feel attracted to will actually enhance my life in a good way? We live in such a consumer culture that I know that the answer to that question will be "no" an overwhelming amount of the time. – American participant

This course has given me the resolve to tackle the deepest, darkest area of my clutter – the stuff still in the attic at my mother’s house (where I grew up). A massive breakthrough. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I would have done in the past. I look forward to these attic sessions because I’m gradually freeing myself up from so much past rubbish in my life. – British participant

After I sorted through the boxes in my garage, I also got the broom out and cleaned up the area. And here's the joyous part: a few times a day I go out to the garage, gaze at my success experience, and feel this great sense of accomplishment. It reminds me, despite so much reticence in my life right now, that I can do this - I can put my mind to something and really do it well. A bonus is that my husband comments enthusiastically about how nice the garage looks now that I have cleared out the boxes. – American participant

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During this course, I have had some of the most remarkable personal growth that, for all intense purposes, would seem impossible in the span of a few weeks. I am so thrilled with the tangible results. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this with the world. And thanks to everyone who participated and wrote so candidly about your experiences. I empathized, sympathized, and learned a lot. – American participant

Wow! An incredible three weeks. I started off wanting to address particular areas of clutter in my home and hoping it would give some insight into the way forward with my career. In the end, I feel I have accomplished so much more, not only in terms of physical clutter but in my whole way of being and attitude to life. I now feel brighter, lighter and happier! – British participant

I have learned what clutter is! Even in the first few days of the course, I would suddenly spot something on the dresser (an unwanted gift from someone no longer in my life) and realize: ‘That's clutter’. How could I not see that before?!  So my ability to see has changed. This enhanced clarity is life-changing. I feel in the driving seat at last. – Scottish participant

Being able to come here with absolute honesty in moments of panic/shame/joy and scary wonderment, reading posts, listening to advice, looking at inspiring photos and hearing personal stories is such a privilege. I admire the bravery that has been posted, the hurt and losses that have been faced, the joys and the personal stories of moments in time. I take my hat off to each and every person, and the gratitude will run deep for a long time. What a privilege to be in the mix, sharing such a sacred space. – British participant

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I am definitely feeling the strength of my clutter clearing muscle increase. Small items even call out to me as I pass through a room: "I am clutter! Put me in the Charity box!" Hahaha! I enjoy reading everyone's experiences, and comments. It definitely helps me! – American participant

The Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course has made me look at clutter in an entirely different light. I have always kept a fairly tidy house and found a cupboard or home for everything. But that meant I just hid my stuff away and had burgeoning storage cupboards. Thank you, Karen, for the simple insights and steps that when laid out in front of me seem so logical. I can now move forward with a plan. – Australian participant

I started to savour the quietness at home. No radio, no TV, only me and my thoughts. I am not afraid of thinking about my life anymore. I crossed borders in my brain that I created years ago for protection and no beast was waiting for me, only fading remembrances. – Austrian participant

Thank you, Karen, for your straightforward, down-to-earth advice and your understanding of the feelings that come up when clearing clutter. I found this course more powerful than attending your weekend course in person - so good to have it spread over 3 weeks, being at home with the clutter, working on it, being with the feelings and at the same time having the support of you and the group. – British participant

I am up to 163 kg of clutter disposed of via selling, donations, recycling and just trash. There is that funny effect of clearing out, say, your shoes, thinking you've really got it, then working on other stuff and the next time you look at your shoes again there is almost bound to be another pair that has now also become clearly visible clutter! Where will this end? – German participant

I have realized that I tend to keep things "just in case". For instance, I laughed at myself the other day for keeping diet books. I tend to be a little underweight, so I guess I was keeping them just in case I needed them in the future. Those are now are in the “to go” bag. Now I know my own tendency, it is easier to look at what I am keeping, and ask myself if I am keeping this "just in case"? – American participant

So many of the things I cleared were serving as “memorials of the person I once was.” It is now time to switch my focus from looking back to looking ahead. Thanks to this course, I feel ready to do that. – American participant

I have not only gotten my flat cleaned up to a degree that makes me wonder at least once a day how much space there is (was it always this big?) and that makes it easy to get stuff done and maintain a nice level of order because I know where everything is and what is there. I have also moved through a serious amount of emotional baggage, and feel tons lighter for it. – German participant

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I've noticed from taking this course that I now keep eyeing other areas in my home that seriously need some clutter clearing, thinking about when I will be able to put some time in those areas. In the the past, I would just have felt overwhelmed and often hopeless as I looked at those areas. Now I know it is just a matter of time, knowing I have a new arsenal of tools to use and I will be able to sort them as well. An inner confidence is emerging within me that I love. – American participant

This course has had a profound effect on me. The community of folk, all with the deep desire to make changes, no matter how challenging, was an inspiration to me. I've been on other (very different, not clutter-clearing) online courses in the past and have never felt safe, and have certainly not felt anything like the power that I sensed in our mutual endeavours. – British participant

I have never felt anything other than dread and hopelessness when I had tried to clutter clear in the past. Now, I wake up each morning excited and ready to tackle the next spot. – American participant

Through all the courses I‘ve taken with Karen, I was struggling with being stuck in my relationship for various reasons, and we couldn‘t move forward. Since I started to get things done on various levels, I am happy to report that — after ten years and two children together — my partner proposed to me on Valentine‘s Day. And it all started with the Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course! – German participant

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It has been a real pleasure to meet Karen online after all these years of reading her blogs and books. The course structure is excellent, clear and hugely informative. It gave me a sense of purpose, a timetable and also “permission” to crack on. A great momentum builder. British participant

This course has been a real eye-opener. Despite the benefits I know come from clutter clearing, I can now see that I was afraid to jump in and clear my clutter because I had grown comfortable with the blocks. I had used the clutter to protect myself from loneliness, fear of failure (or success), and relationship issues I didn't want to tackle. The course has shown me that even a small area cleared lifts my spirit and makes me feel good. – American participant

Before I took the Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course, I had always thought of clutter clearing as a list of chores. Do this, move that, repair that, organize that. Once I got going during the course, I was spending 3-4 hours in the middle of the night going through things, chucking, dusting, sorting, opening new drawers, taking down new piles, feeling so animated when I had previously been tired. I became part of a whirlwind of some sort. The amount of energy that’s been unleashed, in and around me, and how it energized me to keep going, and how much energy I’ve had in the days since I started (about a month now) has beenastounding . – American participant

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This course is extremely well designed. I really feel I know some of the other participants and consider them friends with common destinations. – American participant

Karen, thanks for this course. It's amazing. I am finding the process to be much easier than I thought it would be or has been in the past. I have surprised myself by what I have been able to let go of. Reading everyone else's stories and posts is very inspiring. – British participant

I have taken time off from going to the gym during the three weeks of the Fast-Track Clutter Clearing online course and have still lost about 5 pounds. I was very surprised when I stood on the scale. I didn't expect it at all. At the gym I run 3 miles 3 times a week and hadn't been able to bring down my weight. – American participant

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This course got me clutter clearing as never before. And I don’t know how she did it, but Karen made the whole process enjoyable too! – American participant

Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to put this valuable course together. I've read your books and have done clutter clearing in the past, but this was so much more in-depth and has given me great insight into why I've got some of the things that I have (or rather, had) and how to let them go. – American participant

I have really enjoyed the course and meeting everyone online. Not having travelled for a long time now, it was lovely having the opportunity to communicate with people from different parts of the world. – British participant

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Having read and highlighted Karen's book many times over the years, I felt I was pretty clear of clutter. But this course has brought a much deeper understanding of the emotional attachment we put on objects. I am still seeing and randomly thinking of items that no longer fit into my life or that of our family. I want to go much deeper. – British participant

I really enjoyed this course this time around. It has been so helpful and I believe it has already made a lasting difference in my life. Once my eyes are open, it’s very difficult to not see the truth sitting right in front of me. Moving forward it will be much easier for me to let go of items that have outlived their usefulness. I simply have no desire to maintain a museum of my past any longer.– American participant

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