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Declutter Your Clothes online courseThis was my first course, and it FAR exceeded my expectations. The support of Karen and all the participants made it a joy, even when I was facing difficult truths. – American participant

When I enrolled in this course I was afraid I would be talked into getting rid of more than I was ready to. I learned quickly that there was no pressure at all, not even peer pressure. I completely changed my attitude towards a few items during the course. After having made numerous attempts in the past years, I could release several of these without any pain or regret. And, surprisingly, the decluttering was not limited to my wardrobe. It also had positive effects on the basement and the garage! – German participant

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I have really enjoyed this course. It's been eye-opening, inspiring, challenging, and much more full-on than I was expecting. The course has made me realise that what I keep from now on can be through a conscious rather than unconscious choice. – British participant

After I dropped off my bags of clothes at the Salvation Army, I felt like I was floating. I asked myself if I had lost something because I just was not used to feeling this light. It felt like I had dropped off piles of bricks, and the HEAVINESS of clutter really struck me. Next time I think about buying something, I will remember that feeling and how a new item - even if it is just one small thing - could add to the heaviness. Is it worth it? Will it uplift me or drag me down? – American participant

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I’ve enjoyed the course very much, and it was wonderful seeing how everyone progressed. It was a great opportunity to consider my relationship to my clothes, and how I feel when wearing them. I’m most pleased that I can let go of my wedding dress without feeling regret. After all, I made a commitment to my husband, not my dress. – Canadian participant

Now, when shopping for clothes, I will be alert to the “why” I want an item – is it because I truly love it, or is it because I think others will love me in it? This is HUGE. – American participant

When I first saw this course I thought to myself that I didn’t have much to sort through. As always, with every Karen Kingston course I have taken, I was pleasantly surprised with SO many new insights. The momentum and space that Karen creates here seems to provide a “zoom-out” perspective and has allowed me to see things from a new angle, and with a new twist. I am re-invigorated to complete some leftover tasks that had lost their appeal when I did my initial passes through my clothing and accessories months ago. – Canadian participant

This process is so freeing. Every time I take one of Karen’s courses I’m able to let go of things easier and even feel the shift happen before class starts. – American participant

I let go of things during this course that I hadn't been willing to let go of in years. For that I'm grateful. – American participant

I decided to take a bunch of jewelry to a consignment shop, and they had a gold buyer there. He looked at my broken gold chains and rings that have sat in a heap in my jewelry box for years. I left the place with $433 USD. This is just for the unusable pieces that can be melted down and does not include anything I may receive when all the other jewelry has been sold. Wow! I am shocked and grateful. Thank you, Karen, for running this course. I feel so much lighter after this. – American participant

I was quite ambivalent about undertaking this course, asking myself, 'Do I really need to take a course to declutter my wardrobe?' I joined at the last minute and was quite apprehensive about what I was letting myself in for. These doubts soon disappeared once I read some of the introductions and Step 1. Thank you, Karen, for a very interesting, challenging and thought-provoking course which has entailed a lot of hard work but with very satisfying results. – Australian participant

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