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Clear Your Paper Clutter online course This course has been profound. I have a completely new relationship with my home and it has started to feel much more supportive to me. The main impetus after this class will be to continue to make it so and I really liked how the experience has been a direct one, not based on rules or formulas, but by cultivating a direct relationship to my home and my property. – American participant

During this course I have felt more connected to my home. My husband and I have been living in this house for 22 years and I have often considered moving. For the first time, during this course, I feel some connection with my home. I have now start to clear clutter and unpack some moving boxes that we have had in the basement for years and years. This course has given me a lot of knowledge and energy! – Swedish participant

This course has been different for me to the other courses I have taken as it has been much less about doing things (like clutter and paper clearing) and more about reflection. It has reinforced how much I love my home and how connected I am to it. – Scottish participant

What a wonderful course. Every single step was a highlight on its own, with so much information. All will have a long afterglow to follow up. I am so energized and full of ideas about our house to make it even more our home. So many wonderful new insights and all the links provided to investigate further, dive deeper. I loved my home before, but now it feels as if I have fallen in love again and am seeing different aspects of it in a new light. – German participant

What a lovely course - the momentum it has provided is remarkable. I love the opportunity to make creating conscious space a priority. I've enjoyed too the feel of support of both Karen and my course mates. Thank you to everyone who posted. I love seeing how much is the same, no matter where each of us lives in the world or our nationality - American participant

One thing I've learned from taking Karen's classes is that they continue to "bloom" long after ending. It is a gradual awakening; each layer softly blooms upward with subsequent layers thus exposed to my awareness as I digest and process what I've just learned. Many warm thanks, Karen, for another insightful journey, and to everyone in the group for all the thoughtful comments, informative ideas, and sharing. -  American participant

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