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Clear Your Paper and Digital Clutter online course

This course was a lesson in taking ownership of my life, feeling in control and honoring myself. – American participant

I am left wondering... how do we get to this stage in our lives without having been taught these crucial yet simple steps that make life flow and take the overwhelm out of managing mounds of paper by having systems in place?! Thank you, Karen! – American participant

At last, through this course, I have confronted my deepest fears about paper, and discovered it is actually just paper, nothing else. It was a very well laid out course, in nice simple order. I am so glad that I was working with a group with a lot of support. This course has given me the confidence to know that I don’t need to be scared of the paper clutter and I can easily manage it. I have thrown at least 20 kgs (44 lbs) of paper away in the last three weeks. I am so deeply touched by this journey. – Australian participant

I am astonished by the effect the paper clutter clearing had on my self-esteem. I could do it. I learned that with positive support I could do anything. At some points, it felt like a free fall. But a safe one. With a parachute and a lot of space and joy. – Dutch participant

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I love my email inbox now, always just a few items there; before there were hundreds of them and I couldn't find my important messages. And when I'm tired at the end of a day of working at my computer, I won't let myself just leave all the papers as they are. Instead, I put them away and dispose of my trash, and push my chair under my desk. Such a good feeling! – American participant

I really appreciated Karen’s human approach (i.e. these things take time), and at the same time the course was structured to be motivating and accomplishable. It is reassuring to know I am not the only one struggling or stuck, and that there are ways to move through it. I also enjoyed that the class included folks from all over the globe. – American participant

I feel like huge energetic shifts have been occurring in and around me as a direct result of participating in this course. I have realised that, if I pay attention carefully, I can feel whether a particular bit of paper has something positive to contribute to my life in that moment or if I need to bin it immediately. The intensive exposure to lots of different categories of paper has definitely heightened my awareness to this ability. All I need to do is look within and listen and I'll know how best to deal with the bit of paper lying in front of me. Recognising this has made it far easier for me to release paperwork which I would otherwise have been unsure about. – Scottish participant

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It’s now nearly four months since I took the course and I am still working through my paper clutter. So you could say the course is not a miracle cure but I mean this in a good way! My own particular paper clutter problems were deeply ingrained and interwoven with long-term chronic fatigue issues. After many unsuccessful attempts at clearing my clutter and improving my health over the years, something is now truly shifting after taking Karen’s course. I love the feeling of making steady and solid progress with my paper clutter which had been building up for over 20 years. I feel this will be more sustainable and much better than an overnight quick fix. - British participant

I honestly felt that it was perhaps not necessary for me to take this course as I was pretty sure that my paper was pretty minimal. I nearly didn't take it. I also tended to view paper clutter as something more “introductory” in the whole process of clutter clearing and was surprised that it was timed after the Zero Procrastination course. However, I have been so wonderfully surprised and have come to understand that paper clutter, for me personally anyway, has touched on a much deeper level than any other forms of clutter, and I can fully understand how its positioning last in the series of three courses makes sense and is beneficial. - British participant<

I have enjoyed the simplicity and ease of this course. It felt free from judgment or rules. It was easy to implement the steps that I was ready to take on. I found others step more difficult but I am able to look at the resistance and begin to release it. Thanks for creating a safe and encouraging space to clear paper clutter. – American participant

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I now have processes and structure for how to deal with the paper, photos and books in my life, and I trust that I can manage the flow of it with ease and grace rather than feeling stuck and overwhelmed like I used to be. I used to have bags of paperwork littered around my bedroom that made me feel anxious just looking at them. Now I have a clean and tidy clutter-free bedroom and have all my paperwork neatly in 4 folders. What a massive transformation and relief! – British participant

The most important thing for me was the finding that no matter how large the amount of paper clutter or the fear connected to it might be, there is always a way to tackle it. The supporting atmosphere of this course was amazing. – German participant

We said as a family we would put the sale value of the 182 books we sold towards a slap-up meal and they have just been sold for a whacking £308.06. This covers the cost of a 7-course taster menu at our local one Michelin star restaurant for four of us, with a taxi and probably a new outfit for the kids too! We are all foodies AND the kids have never been to a "starred" restaurant before, so it's like Christmas here! Whoop whoop! They can see now the value of letting go in pounds and pence and I feel completely relieved to be sorting this out. And more importantly, not getting in this mess again. – British participant

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Thank you, Karen, for developing these courses in a way that truly works! Getting the assignments and then having a few days to work on them only requires commitment and willingness to accept change. I so appreciate what you have developed and shared here in this format. You are direct and succinct - in fact, your understanding of how to get us out of our respective situations shows the most amazing patience and compassion while teaching and providing the encouragement and guidance we need for our collective success. Thank you so much. – American participant

More than anything I see  Karen as a master of organization. From a detail-orientated position, she is able to adjust minutiae to serve a bigger picture. She never seems to get lost in those details. Getting lost in details is one of my tendencies and one that served me well at one time but no longer works for my current life. Now it is time to scale down and wake up.– Canadian participant

The tools I have learned are actually doable and enjoyable, and the work that I have done has left me feeling lighter and more free to actually LIVE my life. I am proud of myself for having the courage to sign up for these classes. Life will never be the same again! – American participant

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I feel grateful to have had this opportunity to look at the mess of my paper life; even more grateful to see that I am doing okay with the digital. One of my major concerns is to get it all done before I die and my son has to deal with what’s left. If luck holds, I will have many more years after the task is done to enjoy my freedom from clutter and live the life I am allowing to unfold at this time, a life that follows my calling and serves the purpose that has been nudging me all my life. – Canadian participant

I am really enjoying having an empty inbox on my computer. I can really see who I am in contact with and keep up with everything. I feel on top of my computer world for once in my life. – Canadian participant

I keep finding more paper and magazines and books hiding in various nooks and crannies. Instead of dreading reviewing the piles, though, it has become fun finding some treasure among the trash. Karen's system takes the stress out of what were once onerous tasks. This has been such a great experience! – American participant

This course has been such an eye-opener. My filing system has been working for me, but with the changes I learned in this course, it is so much better. Thank you, Karen, for sharing all this valuable information with us. I have read some books on these topics, but you explain it in such an easy way that it is a breeze to implement the changes. – Namibian participant

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