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A downside of the course is that I now want to take my bedroom with me everywhere I go so that I can get a good night's sleep! – Scottish participant

This was packed with information and brought up hundreds of things about bedrooms I had never even considered before. I did not realize until today how bad a space I have been sleeping in. It is no wonder I have been so unhealthy for so many years. Karen’s advice is invaluable. I don’t know anywhere else on earth you can get this level of information supported by such solid research. – American participant

Karen makes everything so fascinating, profound and fun at the same time – American participant

This would make a much-needed book – another bestseller, if Karen is up for it. Useful, hard-core, practical information. – American participant

Karen knows her subject so well and is very easy to understand – American participant

The information in this course was amazing and I loved the spiritual emphasis of it all. – American participant

I am going to sell my apartment! Seriously, this course has reaffirmed everything I felt was not working in my bedroom and in my life. – English participant

I'm amazed that I'm sleeping through the night now after a few years of sleep issues. My husband is sleeping much better too. I’m starting to see the bedroom as a more special place in our house. – Irish participant

Wow, this course has been great. The depth of it and the topics covered have been fascinating. I’ve made notes and will be re-reading them. – English participant

This course has been thoroughly informative. It has definitely brought more harmony to my marriage. I plan on implementing many of the ideas, tips and wisdom. – American participant

I yearn for beautiful, restful sleep. I am my "best self" if I can do this. Since this class, I have captured more and more details of the ideal bedroom and I'm aspiring toward it. I'm proud to say I'm at least 80% there. – American participant

My bedroom and my whole household feel more peaceful. I feel a deeper peace in myself and a deeper feeling of security. – Australian participant

I used to think that what I do during the day (in waking time) is more important than the time I sleep. But through this course, I really understood that it's the other way around. Without quality sleep, one cannot have a quality life. With this realization, together with all the important tips I've learned in each step of the course, I will make more conscious choices from now on and try to make changes wherever possible. – Japanese participant

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