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Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter

For help with all types of paper clutter, including books, newspapers, magazines, clippings, photos & documents, and their digital equivalents.
October 1-30, 2017
May 1-30, 2018

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Fast Track Clutter Clearing

For help with all types of general household clutter, except for paper clutter and digital clutter, which is covered in the Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter course.
March 5-27, 2018
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Zero Procrastination

Learn how to restructure your life top down, overcome procrastination, and get things done.
April 5-25, 2018
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Advanced Clutter Clearing courses

Living Clutter-Free

Open to anyone who has already taken all the Fast Track Clutter Clearing, Zero Procrastination and Clear Your Paper or Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter courses, and is ready to go deeper. 
November 1-30, 2017
June 1-30, 2018

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This is a required course for anyone wishing to apply for the Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training

Other courses

Creating Conscious Space

Learn how to bring consciousness to your home environment so that it will nurture and support you at deep levels.
November 5-25, 2017
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