Living Clutter-Free

A 30-day online course taught by Karen Kingston

Open to participants anywhere in the world aged 16 or over who have already taken Karen Kingston's foundational trilogy of online clutter clearing courses

Living Clutter-Free

What the course is about

The essential techniques for clutter clearing are taught in my Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course but, like household cleaning, this is not something you do just once in your life and then it’s done. Clutter clearing is an ongoing process, and each time you do it, deeper layers are revealed. Things that are useful to you today become your clutter of tomorrow, as you change and grow. 

Many people return to take my Fast Track Clutter Clearing course again and again, and they get more value from it each time they do. If you still have a lot of physical clutter, I recommend you take that course again rather than jumping to this one. Some hands-on clutter clearing will be involved in this course but the main focus will be on exploring and understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of becoming over-attached to material possessions, and how to live a clutter-free life. 

Note that this is not at all the same as minimalism (see my blog: What's missing from minimalism) but about helping you to find the right balance in your life for what you are here on earth to do.

Who the course is for

This course is primarily for anyone wishing to apply to take my Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training.

It is also open to anyone who has already taken my foundational trilogy of online courses and is ready to go deeper. The three foundational courses are:

If you are intending to apply for professional training, you will need to have taken the three foundational courses during the period 2015 to 2019, when much of the material was updated. If you want to take the living Clutter-Free course for purely personal reasons then you can have taken the three foundational courses at any time since they first began in 2013.

How the course is structured

The course will be spread over a 30-day period, allowing three days for the completion of each of the ten steps so that if life gets busy you will still be able to keep up, and whichever world time zone you live in, you will be able to participate with ease. To get the most from the course, it is recommended that you make a post to the message board every three days to report on the progress you have made or ask any questions you may have.

The course content will be tailored to the participants taking it. It will consist entirely of text posts with the option to upload photos, and you will be able to log on at any time of the day or night to read and make posts.

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Booking for the Nov 14 - Dec 13, 2019 course has closed. The next course is expected to be towards the end of 2020.

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How to access the course

Three days before the course begins, you will be sent login details to access the private message board that has been specially created to host my courses. 

To preserve confidentiality, all course material will be taken offline and deleted at midnight UTC on the last day of the course, so please make sure you read everything you wish to read before then.


Previous participants have found it so helpful to listen to the audiobook of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui while taking a course that I now recommend it to everyone. Through audio recordings, I can pass a much deeper level than you can get from just reading the book yourself. You can purchase the downloadable digital edition at Amazon or Audible. If you prefer the CD edition, you can purchase it here while stocks last.

Course price

$200 AUD
(plus 10% sales tax for Australian residents only)

Currency conversion: Use the currency converter at to find the approximate price of the course in your own country's currency. The exact amount you pay will depend on the conversion rates operated by your credit card company or PayPal, which may vary slightly from this.

Booking Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

Age: Courses are open to anyone aged 16 or over who will have already taken the three foundational courses by the course date (Fast Track Clutter Clearing, Zero Procrastination and Clear Your Paper & DIgital Clutter).

Confidentiality: It is a condition of booking that each participant agrees not to share the content of any course with anyone outside the course. This includes Karen Kingston's posts and other people's posts, both during the course and after it has finished.

Refunds: Course bookings are non-transferable to another course or person, but the course fee is fully refundable until midnight UTC on the day before the course begins. To keep administration fees to a minimum so that course prices can be kept as affordable as possible, no refunds will be made for any reason after a course has started, and no missed course material can be supplied to any participant after the end of any course in any circumstances.

Cancellation: Karen Kingston International Pty Ltd reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course in the highly unlikely event that Karen Kingston is unable to lead it or insufficient bookings are received, in which case all bookings will be refunded in full.

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