Clutter clearing consultations via Skype or Zoom

Karen Kingston
Richard Sebok

Richard and I both offer clutter clearing consultations via Skype or Zoom if you would like to have a deeper level of personal help than is available by taking one of my online clutter clearing courses, or if you live too far away to make it practical for one of us to visit and work with you in person.

Richard Sebok
A 3-hour session: $250 AUD
A series of three weekly 3-hour sessions: $615 AUD

Karen Kingston 
A 3-hour session: $410 AUD
A series of three weekly 3-hour sessions: $1020 AUD

10% Australian sales tax (GST) will be added to all prices for Australian residents

Please note: These sessions are only for clutter clearing help. We do not offer feng shui, space clearing or healthy home advice from a distance because it is not effective.

What previous clients have said

The session was very useful. Your presence and energy were very calming and non-judgemental, which I found very helpful. I have cleared out some of the spaces we talked about. Please continue the service. – Allison, USA

Thank you, I really appreciate this dialogue. It feels good to get a direct answer from the master and it helps to have a peace of mind. – Nasrin, USA

I found our session really useful . I needed something to help me to be more proactive in my life. I felt totally inspired after speaking to you. Your lovely energy was an inspiration to me, so a big thank you for that. – Colleen, Scotland

The session was definitely worth it and you showed me, in a way I couldn't see myself, what I had to do. Such a help is wonderful. – Sada, Switzerland

The session was amazing. It was far better even than I expected - and I had very high expectations. You made it all so doable with the step-by-step process, and you are so kind and compassionate about everything. I experienced a profound shift on a subtle level that was deeply blissful and transforming in my relationship with my stuff, which makes it much easier to let go. I wake up in the morning and feel like I can't wait to get started on clutter clearing. A very deeply heartfelt THANK YOU! – Rosemary, UK

How to book

Complete the consultation request form below and upload photos of the clutter you need help with. During the Skype or Zoom session you can use your laptop or phone as a video camera so that we can work with you over distance to sort through your clutter.


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