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Karen Kingston • May 1, 2019

Feng shui

Karen Kingston
International Feng Shui Guild

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flows of energy in a space to maximize the potential for those who use it.

It's received a lot of bad press in recent years, and rightly so. I'm sorry to say that much of what is offered these days in the name of feng shui has its origins in fear-based Chinese superstition or New Age fruitloopery, neither of which I will have anything to do with.

The true basis of feng shui lies in understanding that we live in an ocean of energy that is constantly in motion. The great feng shui masters of old were able to read and consciously work with these energies in order to choose the best sites for buildings and design them to promote balance and harmony between humans, their environment, and the higher spiritual realms.

Most modern-day feng shui consultants are not even able to feel the chi flows and land energies that feng shui principles are based on, and rely instead on hit-and-miss intuition or prescribed formulas learned from books, which is all that now remains of the knowledge that was recorded when these ancient skills were lost.

The deep levels of discernment that are essential for accurate interpretation are exceedingly rare but not impossible to acquire. A great deal of personal work is required to build the necessary subtle body structures and skills to perceive and work with chi, and it is this, and my background in space clearing, that marks the difference between my own style of feng shui and that practised by others.

Who needs feng shui?

If you have ever heard yourself say, 'That problem started when we moved here', this is often a good clue that the building is implicated in causing your current difficulties. Difficulties relating to health, finances, relationships, career, and many other issues can all be helped by expert feng shui advice.

It is also an invaluable tool to enhance any aspect of your life that you would like to improve. The structure and shape of your home or workplace, the interior design of the building, the positioning of furniture, the decor, and a host of other factors can combine to have a beneficial or detrimental effect on those who occupy the space. Tapping into the vast reservoir of feng shui knowledge to create a home that will nurture you rather than hold you back is a smart approach to 21st Century living.

It is ideal to have a feng shui consultation before you decide whether to buy or rent a new home, to check that it will work for you. But because of the practical difficulties this presents, most consultations these days are done after moving in, and it is only a healthy home survey that is done first.

Advice that may be included in a feng shui consultation

A feng shui consultation focuses on giving advice about the design of your home and/or placement of furniture and decorative items to improve the flows of energy. It may include: 

  • Interior and exterior design
  • Furniture placement
  • Colour schemes
  • Bagua cures and enhancements (placement of mirrors, etc)
  • The effects of pictures, decorative ornaments, and other symbology in the space

Note that if you are ever offered feng shui advice about moving your bed, desk or other key items of furniture and the practitioner does not first do a healthy home survey to dowse for geopathic stress or use professional meters to check the electromagnetic fields, be very wary about accepting their recommendations as you could be moving your furniture to locations that can cause you to get sick.

Feng shui consultations with Karen Kingston

The feng shui consultations I conduct begin by hand sensing the entire space to read the energy flows and imprints that are embedded in the walls and furniture of the building. I don't subscribe to the notion of "good" or "bad" energies.  I look to see whether energies are flowing or stagnant, harmonious or conflicting, compatible or mismatched. There is no such thing as a house with perfect feng shui. For example, a home that is excellent for someone at a particular time in their life may not be so nurturing in later life or for someone who is on a very different life path. Each consultation I do is completely personalized to the occupants.

If I am booked to do a combined space clearing and feng shui consultation, I will always space clear first and then do the feng shui. Space clearing works beautifully in conjunction with feng shui. It makes any feng shui enhancements work much more easily, smoothly and deeply. It also allows me to get to know the energy of your space at a much deeper level so that feng shui improvements will naturally suggest themselves.

Consultation fees

The length of time it takes to do a feng shui consultation depends on the size of the building and the issues involved.

Example: A 2-bedroom home takes 1 hour for general feng shui advice, or 2 hours for more detailed advice.

Fee: $200 AUD per hour  
Minimum call out fee: $400 AUD

All prices include 10% GST and are approximate, depending on the square meterage/footage of the property and the number of floors and rooms.

Travel time & expenses: Depending on your location, there may be an additional charge for travel time and expenses.

Distant consultations: I do not offer personal feng shui advice from a distance because I have found it is not accurate or effective. There are too many aspects that need to be taken into account that cannot be understood by reading an email, looking at plans, photos or even video footage. I need to meet the person, see their home, understand their priorities in life, and explore many other aspects before making recommendations.

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Other types of consultations
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Feng shui consultations with other practitioners listed on this website

I specialize in training space clearing and clutter clearing practitioners. I do not train feng shui practitioners as there are many other teachers already doing this.

Some of my space clearing and clutter clearing practitioners have feng shui certification with other teachers, and some do not. Some practise a similar style to me, and others are very different. If you engage the services of one of the practitioners listed on this site, it is therefore best to inquire about their training before booking a feng shui consultation with them.


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