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Karen KingstonRichard and I have created a range of clutter clearing help to suit every situation and budget.

Here are the current options:

Read or listen to my book

This is the starting point for most people. Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui has sold two million copies in 26 languages and has established itself is a “must read” classic for anyone who needs to do clutter clearing. Now in its third edition, it’s available in paperback, ebook, and audio book formats (digital and CD).

Read my blog or subscribe to my monthly newsletters

Each month I publish new blogs about clutter clearing and related topics that give fresh insights and motivation. My blogs are available free of charge online, or you can subscribe to free monthly newsletters to have them delivered to your inbox.

Karen Kingston's blog
Karen Kingston's newsletters

Online clutter clearing courses

For those who need more support than reading can offer, I have created a series of online clutter clearing courses that are available to anyone in the world. They have so far been participated in by people from over 50 countries, and have proved to be highly effective and much more enjoyable than doing clutter clearing by yourself.

Fast Track Clutter Clearing - For help with all types of general clutter, except paper or digital clutter (21 days)
Zero Procrastination - To learn how to prioritize your life top down and get stuff done  (21 days)
Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter - For help with all types of paper clutter and its digital equivalents (30 days)

The great advantage of taking an online course compared to attending a workshop is that there is no need to spend time and money travelling, and you are right there at home with your clutter, ready to action each of the steps that are announced every 3 days.

Each course is limited to 100 participants, and they always sell out. It is best to book in advance to make sure of reserving a place, but if your plans change you can cancel up to midnight UK time the night before the course begins and receive a full refund of the course fee.

About online courses

A private clutter clearing consultation

For personal hands-on help, the best option of all is a private clutter clearing consultation. 

Most people find that a series of half day or full-day clutter clearing consultations, tailored to their individual needs, is the most effective. It's a more expensive option than simply reading a book or taking an online course, but well worth the investment. The important thing to bear in mind is that you spent a heck of a lot more money acquiring all your stuff than you will pay for expert help to learn how to let some of it go. And depending on the type of clutter you have, you may well find that the sale of some items you no longer need will more than cover the cost.

The value of professional clutter clearing help
Clutter clearing consultations with Karen Kingston or Richard Sebok (Australia, and other countries on request)

For a clutter clearing consultation with one of the clutter clearing practitioners I have trained, check my International Directory of Practitioners to find out if there is a a certified practitioner available in your part of the world.

I am also available to do skype clutter clearing consultations if you wish to have a deeper level of personal help than is available by taking one of my online clutter clearing courses, or if you live too far away to make it practical for me visit and work with you in person.


Other types of consultations

Space clearing
Space clearing removes the stagnant energies and imprints that build up over time in and around the walls, furniture and other objects in a home, including the stuck energies that accumulate around clutter. In some situations, a space clearing ceremony can be a highly effective way of kick-starting clutter clearing. It is also a wonderful way to re-own and re-presence your home after the clutter clearing has been done. Space clearing practitioner training is considerably more advanced than clutter clearing practitioner training, so most clutter clearing practitioners do not offer this service. You can check the International Directory of Practitioners to find out if there is a certifed space clearing practitioner available in your area.

Feng shui
A feng shui consultation reveals which areas of your home are connected to which aspects of your life, and how clutter in any of those areas will affect you. I do not train feng shui practitioners, but some of the clutter clearing and space clearing practitioners I have trained are certified by other teachers to offer this service, and I conduct feng shui consultations myself.

Healthy home 
Many people who have clutter feel overwhelmed, and their clutter reflects this. In some cases, the cause of these feelings of overwhelm can be traced to exposure to geopathic stress from earth lines that run through the home, or continuous bombardment by high levels of electromagnetic fields from electrical wiring, equipment or WiFi devices. I do not train healthy home consultants, but some of the clutter clearing and space clearing practitioners I have trained are certified by other teachers to offer this service, and Richard and I both conduct healthy home consultations.


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