Kick-Start Clutter Clearing

A series of 4 weekly 90-minute classes taught by Richard Kingston via Zoom
Open to participants anywhere in the world, age 18 or over

Kick-Start Clutter Clearing online course with Richard Kingston

Richard Kingston

Who the classes are for

These classes are for anyone who is ready for change. Whether you're feeling stuck, don't know where to start or would simply welcome Richard's support and the camaraderie of a group of people who are all on the same journey, the classes will help you to develop the clutter clearing skills that are so essential to modern-day life.

What the classes are about

Clutter clearing is the art of restoring integrity to your life, one item at a time.

In this series of four weekly classes, you will gain insights into why your clutter has accumulated and learn highly effective techniques to enable you to let it go and get back on track.

Richard will never tell you to throw anything away. He is a master facilitator, whose expertise is in opening spaces for people to see for themselves what needs to be done.

The classes will cover all types of general household clutter, except for paper, digital and clothes clutter, which require different techniques.

You will learn:

  • How to kick-start your clutter clearing
  • How to stay motivated to keep going
  • How to enjoy clutter clearing instead of it being a chore
  • How to move beyond the emotional heaviness of clutter

Please note that the classes are not designed to help with hoarding-level clutter, as that requires extensive one-on-one help.

About Richard

Richard is a top-level space clearing and clutter clearing practitioner, teacher and professional trainer with 18 years' experience in these fields. He has worked with hundreds of clients around the world, conducting space clearing and clutter clearing consultations in their homes and online Clutter Clearing and Personal Insight sessions via Zoom.

He learned his professional skills directly from Karen Kingston, author of the international bestseller Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui (over 2 million copies sold in 26 languages). They met in 2004, married in 2006, and have worked together continuously since then to develop many aspects of space clearing and clutter clearing, including co-authoring a series of new books, the first of which will be published in 2023. You can read more about Richard's background here.

Classes in February 2023

February 4, 11, 18 & 25 (Saturdays)

5:00pm - 6:30pm GMT (UK time)
Maximum of 24 participants
£90 for 4 x 90-minute Zoom classes (plus 20% VAT for UK residents only)

Time zone converter: If you are based outside the UK, use the meeting planner at to find the equivalent times for these classes in your part of the world. Add London and your nearest city, then look at the line for 5:00pm in London to find what the time will be where you are. For example:

  • Los Angeles: 9:00am - 10:30am
  • Chicago: 11:00am - 12:30pm
  • New York: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
  • Frankfurt: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Auckland: 6:00am - 7:30am (the next day)

Currency conversion: Use the currency converter at to convert the GBP price of the course to your own country's currency. The exact amount you pay will depend on the conversion rates operated by your credit card company or PayPal, which may vary slightly from this.

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How to access the classes

Each class will be conducted via Zoom in a virtual space created specifically for it. A reminder will be sent to you 24 hours before each class, together with a link to access the Zoom meeting.

To participate, you will need to use a device that has a working webcam and microphone, with both turned on. It is possible to access the classes using a smartphone or tablet, but you will get the most from each experience if you use a computer or a laptop because more of the virtual space will pass when you use a bigger screen. The format will be classroom-style teaching, with weekly projects for participants to engage in.

If you use a laptop, tablet or phone, please position it securely at eye level so that you are looking straight ahead instead of down. Turn your tablet or phone to the horizontal (landscape) position. Do not use a blurred or fake background of any kind.

Please be punctual
Each class will start on time and latecomers will not be admitted. Richard will be online 15 minutes prior to each session, so best practice will be to log on to the Zoom meeting 5-10 minutes before the start time of each class. This will also give you time to make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Age: All course participants must be 18 years old or over.

Confidentiality: It is a condition of booking that each participant agrees not to share the content of any class with others. This includes the knowledge and skills taught by Richard Kingston and anything shared by other class participants.

Recording: Video or audio recording of any part of a class is strictly NOT permitted.

Course access: All classes will be conducted via Zoom. A reminder will be sent to you 24 hours before each class, together with a Zoom link to access it. Each class will start on time and latecomers will not be able to join the class or receive any of the material taught in it.

One participant per booking: If you have a partner, friend or family member who wishes to take the classes with you, they will need to make their own booking and attend the classes using their own device.

Refunds: Bookings are non-transferable to another event or person. However, the fee for a series of classes is fully refundable up until 72 hours before it begins. To keep administration fees to a minimum so that prices can be kept as affordable as possible, no refunds will be made for any reason after a series of classes has started and no missed material can be supplied to any participant in any circumstances.

Cancellation: Clear Space Living reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course in the highly unlikely event that Richard Kingston is unable to lead it or insufficient bookings are received, in which case all bookings will be refunded in full.

Privacy Policy: By agreeing to our Booking Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the Privacy Policy of Clear Space Living Ltd.

Book now

All bookings are fully refundable up to 5 days before a series of classes starts, so it's easy to cancel if your plans change.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have about the classes here.



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