Clear Your Clutter audiobook - CD edition

  • Clear Your Clutter audiobook - CD edition
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This unabridged CD audiobook, narrated by Karen Kingston, gives many insights into the deeper reasons why people keep clutter and - most importantly - how to let it go and get on with your life. You will be motivated to clear your clutter as never before, once you realize just how much your junk has been holding you back!

It contains all the major updates and revisions of the 2013 paperback edition of the book. This means it is not quite as up-to-date as the 2016 edition published in the US or the 2017 edition published in the UK & Commonwealth, but very close. Karen does not have any plans to re-record the book, so this is the only audio version there is.  

Publication date: 18 Sep 2012
Length: 5 hours 16 minutes (6 CDs)
Limited edition: Just 1000 copies

Through audio recordings I can pass a much deeper level of my book than people can get from just reading it themselves, and it’s a wonderful way for me to connect with people living in places I’m probably never going to visit to teach my workshops - Karen Kingston

Bagua diagrams
Chapter 8 explains how to position the feng shui bagua.
Click here to see diagrams.

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