About Space Clearing products

Written by Karen Kingston • June 26, 2017

Karen kingstonThe products in this online store are designed to enable you to get the best possible results when performing the space clearing ceremony that is described in detail in my international bestselling book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui.

They form part of the kit that is used by all the professional space clearers I have trained, and are the highest quality space clearing products you can find anywhere in the world.

Equipment you will need to conduct a space clearing ceremony

Items you can purchase from this store

  • A Balinese Space Clearing bell & bell stand
  • An altar cloth that is used only for space clearing purposes
  • Colourizers (altar decorations that are used to anchor specific frequencies)
  • 1 harmony ball & stand for each place you space clear
  • 3 extra harmony balls & a harmony ball plate if you are doing the ceremony for friends or relatives
  • A copy of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui (the brief description given in Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui is not detailed enough for you to be able to do the ceremony effectively)

Items you can purchase locally or find in your own home or garden

  • A clean white table cloth that is used only for ceremonial purposes
  • A variety of fresh flower heads to create offerings (one for each of the main rooms in your home)
  • Small plates or sauces (one for each offering)
  • Coasters to put under the plates to protect surfaces from scorching when the candles burn down
  • Unscented tea-light candles in heat-resistant holders
  • Matches

More information

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