Bleeding Sun: Discover the Future of Virtual Reality

  • Bleeding Sun: Discover the Future of Virtual Reality
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A novel by Dr Samuel Sagan

This is a science fiction novel. It follows on from the Atlantean Secrets saga, and features some of the same characters who are reborn 13,000 years later. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but you will get a lot more from it if you read the four volumes of Atlantean Secrets first.

I must say that this is my favourite volume of them all. Set in the time of the war of All against All, it's an inspiring story about transcending limits. It's  very awakening and all-engrossing.

Samuel Sagan is a talented musician with his own unique style of music. Like Atlantean Secrets, this book was created as music before it was written in words and some of the tracks are available to download at the Clairvision website.

About Bleeding Sun: On Earth, entire populations have been enslaved in Virtual Reality machines by the Rex. In space, the Masters of Thunder have returned. The Philadelphian stations refuse to submit to virtualization. It is war.

The Rex is a formidable adversary. To defeat him, the Masters of Thunder have prepared a formidable weapon: the Knights of the Apocalypse. Against overwhelming numerical superiority, the Knights fight with consciousness and supermind.

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