Atlantean Secrets, Volume 1: Sleeper Awaken!

  • Atlantean Secrets, Volume 1: Sleeper Awaken!
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The first volume of the Atlantean epic by Dr Samuel Sagan, Founder of the Clairvision School

I'm not the kind of person who would normally pick up and read a book with a title like this, but I'm very glad I did. And if you enjoy the first book as much as I did, a word of advice I would give you is to be sure to have the second volume ready to read when you finish it, because you won't want to wait. And the same applies to the third and fourth volumes after that. Just about everyone I've ever met who has read them has said the same.

The books are the epic tale of the collapse of the Atlantean civilization, told in the form of a page-turning novel with a riveting story line. Most importantly, the words are crafted in such a way as to give the reader access to extraordinarily high spaces of consciousness and spiritual knowledge that I have never found in any other books.

About Volume One: The Masters of Thunder have seen the future. The Atlantean civilization is about to collapse. They must preserve the knowledge and spiritual forces of their time in a living archive, so the world may one day rediscover their phenomenal technology of consciousness.

But time is running out! The warp of fields, the foundation of Atlantean technology, is fast breaking down. Unless the sleepers awaken, everything will be lost.

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