Why I like Australia

Aussie van

I like Australia a lot. The architecture is predominantly square and solid. Square architecture means practical people. I like practical people.

Interior designs are mostly very practical too. You don’t often find arty farty taps there or complicated bath plugs that stop working after a year. Most taps are the chunky screw-down cross-shape. Turn and deliver. Bath plugs are made of heavy duty rubber and fit. Floor drains can cope with overflows. You can have fun in bathrooms. They expect water and are designed to handle it.

No worries, mate

Australia is also the easiest place on Earth to get stuff done with the maximum of ease and the minimum of fuss. What can often take days of phone calls in other parts of the world to fix a simple problem can usually be accomplished here in minutes with a cheery “No worries!” from the friendly human representing the big corporation you are asking to connect your broadband, deliver your parcel, or book your flight.

It’s a country that tells it how it is, epitomized by a national campaign launched in the 1990s with road signs everywhere that said: ‘If you drink then drive you’re a bloody idiot!’. It worked too. All police cars were equipped with RTBs (Random Breath Testing equipment) and the death rate from drunk driving fell by 46% over the following 8 years.

Uniquely Australian

Australia is a country that’s also a continent, and home to five of the ten deadliest creatures in the world – the most dangerous snake (the Inland Taipan), the most dangerous shark (the Bull Shark), the most dangerous spider (the Sydney Funnel Web), the most dangerous crocodile (the Salt Water Crocodile) and the most dangerous Jellyfish (the Box Jellyfish). That keeps people very down-to-earth and in touch with their own mortality.

And it’s a country with a great sense of humour, such as the witty slogan on the van pictured at the top of this article, and hilarious ads on TV. Here’s my personal all-time favourite — The Jacuzzi Cannonball. It reminds me a lot of my husband, Richard (you’ve guessed it, he’s Australian, although he doesn’t drink).

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3 Responses to Why I like Australia

  1. bridget says:

    I loved the land energy in Perth and near the port area and down the coast. Ripe is the perfect word.

  2. Jo-Anne says:

    Thanks for the heads up Karen. I am pretty chuffed to be Australian however I am getting my knickers in a bit of a twist with the way globalisation is flushing our ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude down the dunny. No I don’t mean the influx of citizens from other countries as we were built on that very influx, nor am I a native Australian and I do admire their spiritual teachings as well as the good stuff immigrants bring with them.

    With the internet, and globalisation, we have more than absorbed our share of the compare and compete attitude, and are taking ourselves, and others, far too seriously of late as it is not PC to take the ‘piss’ out of anyone anymore, excuse my strine. When the bloody hell, pardon my French, did good old peanut paste become peanut butter…and when did the tru blu bicky morph into a cookie…and fair suck of the sav mate, pardon my English, when did nestles milk become Nestlé…I know I know…it was probable always Spelt that way but we never Spoke it that way…and and and…

    We had better watch it as our embarrassment with the lack of sophistication of the ‘aussie ocker’ is enabling other cultures to ‘impress’ their ways on us. We have no real stereotype much as the media and historians would have it…the laconic outback ocker, the tanned sun bleached Bondi chick, the down to earth wife or businessman etc.. We, like most other countries are the whole box and dice of personalities…as yes I do understand there are differences from country to country…well the four that I have visited so far…however I am concerned about being homogenised and pasteurised just to be fit for ‘global’ consumption…”There Be Dragons.”…End Rant.

    Please note: She’ll be all right in the end and I’ll have your guts for garters if you think I actually talk like this…ocker-isms were, and are, used in the interest of having a bit of fun…verbally and in print. Though I do have a nephew-in-law from the bush who’s colourful strine, which doesn’t lessen his intelligence one little bit, has me mesmerised when we meet.

    G’day and good to have you back in ‘Stralia Karen and Richard.

  3. Sietske says:

    This hot tub cannonball video is so funny 😅

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