Where not to store your mobile phone

Cell phone in top pocket of suit

I recently heard about a new designer bra with a built-in under-arm pocket for storing cash, credit cards and other things we girls like to take with us when we go out. I would have loved to have had one of these in my party-going youth.

However they are also being advertised as a place to store your mobile phone too. Yikes! So close to the breast! Breast cancer surgeons are now speaking out, to raise awareness that tucking a phone into a bra may be a health hazard. Even the iPhone manual recommends keeping it at least 10mm (1/2 inch) away from the body. It’s fine if it’s turned off, but how many people can be bothered to do that?

Other places NOT to keep your phone include:

  • In the front pocket of your shirt or jacket
  • In the front pocket of your pants
  • On your hip
  • Against your skin
  • In your child’s stroller
  • Under your pillow at night
  • On your charger
  • In a cold environment
  • In extreme heat

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2 Responses to Where not to store your mobile phone

  1. I am living in a house that has been renovated thouroughly in last 5 years.
    Still, I have bad feelings here and headaches. (You must know that I am a girl who had never headaches in my life). Furthermore I cannot get to establish a certain order in my things here.
    If I arranged one cupboard, the next is messy too and so on. Meanwhile, I think of moving out and take a smaller place, but its a a shame because we bought this house in 2007 (it was built in 1968)
    and all my family loves to come here in summer). Also, I would have to pay for a new place and this house was already expensive. I can’t get into any system, I am always tired here and don’t feel well… What can I do best??

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