Back in the UK!

Richard and I are happy to announce that we arrived in the UK ten days ago on a near-empty flight from Perth, Australia, and we’re now officially UK residents again.

Daffodils in the Cotswolds

We’re very happy to be back in the UK, enjoying the profusion of daffodils everywhere that herald springtime in England, always a glorious event like nowhere else on earth. And it’s wonderful to see the English wildlife again, with an enchanting procession of squirrels, ducks, pheasants and blackbirds visiting the garden of the first property we stayed in.

But what a time to be moving our lives and our business to a new continent. We are starting from scratch, with only what we brought with us in our suitcases.

We quickly bought UK SIM cards for our phones (impossible to do anything these days without this) and a car, and now we’re looking online every day for a house to rent. In the meantime, we’re staying in self-catering apartments in hotels and equipping ourselves with essentials. What a lifesaver to be back in a country with next-day delivery and such a delightful “keep calm and carry on” attitude.

We would love to make a new home for ourselves somewhere in the Cotswolds but have extended our search area even wider now to consider other possibilities. It’s a race against time because so few people are moving home at the moment so there are very few properties available to rent.

We send sincere thanks to everyone who has contacted us to give us such a warm welcome back to England. I’ll post more news here when we have some to share.

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Karen Kingston is a leading expert in clutter clearing, space clearing, feng shui and healthy homes. Her two international bestselling books have combined sales of over three million copies in 26 languages and have established themselves as "must read" classics in their fields. Her best-known title, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, is now in its fourth edition. She is best known for her perspective-changing insights and practical solutions that enable more conscious navigation of 21st-century living.
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3 Responses to Back in the UK!

  1. Mary says:

    Karen & Richard, you are very welcome back, stay safe and looking forward to more books & courses when everything is back to normal. ☘️ 💚

  2. Kate A says:

    Welcome back to the UK Karen!
    I Live in Oxford so if you’re in this part of the Cotswolds and need any ‘insider’ knowledge, feel free to ask me. Stay safe

  3. Ursula in Cádiz says:

    Happy settling in to you both, Karen!

    I would love a post about your move: we already know that your connection to stuff is minimal, but it might be interesting to know if you had any hard choices to make and how you decided in the end. I love that crossing continents makes some things really easy, e.g. none of your electrical goods are going to work anyway; the climate differences make some clothing choices a no-brainer, etc.

    I hope you find somewhere magical to live that reflects your wonderful values and energy.

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