The book that’s designed to be read again and again

Why has this book become a classic in its field? Because each time you read it, you’ll get a deeper level of knowledge and insights from it about your clutter.

Teddy reading book

An American man recently wrote to tell me, ‘I usually sell or donate my books right after reading them, but I’m going to keep Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and read it a few more times before letting it go.’

I hear this a lot, and am always happy to hear it again because it’s exactly what I intended when I wrote the book.

Deeper levels of knowledge

Using a specific technique that I’ve developed over many years, levels of knowledge were woven into this book so that when someone first reads it, they get the basic information they need to get started, and each time they return, they discover deeper levels they didn’t notice before.

I wrote it this way because clutter clearing is most effective when done in a series of passes. You do one pass and think that’s it. Then a few days, weeks or months later, you do another pass and discover there is more you’re ready to let go of.

The reason for this is that with each layer you clear, you see your home through different eyes. Things that previously just blended into the background will suddenly be exposed as the clutter that they are, and items you once agonized about letting go of will be revealed as stuff that’s purely taking up space. It will be so obvious, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to see it.

You do the easiest areas first to build your clutter clearing “muscle” and get some successes under your belt. This then prepares you to tackle more challenging areas when you do your next round.

Layers of yourself

The thing to understand is that as you move through layers of clutter, you are really moving through layers of yourself. Each decision you make about what stays and what goes redefines who you are and what you personally value.

Clutter clearing is the art of restoring integrity to your life, one item at a time. Each pass allows you to get in touch with deeper levels of yourself, and to fine tune your home to represent who you are and who you wish to become, instead of it being a memorial to who you once were.

That’s why, each time you read or listen to my book, a different part of you will be looking for answers and will discover a different level of insights according to what you need. Enjoy the journey!

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