Declutter your colon with a Squatty Potty

This photo illustrates something that most Asian people, young and old, can naturally do that most adult Westerners can’t. It’s called squatting and it’s the healthiest sitting position there is.


All children can comfortably squat on the floor for hours like this small boy. It’s a very natural posture.

If they live in a culture where it’s normal for adults to squat too, they will continue to do so as they grow up. But if they live in a country where people sit on chairs, it’s a sad fact that most will lose this ability soon after starting school. If it’s not practised regularly, the flexibility in their back and hips will soon be lost.

This is a great shame, because the benefits of squatting are huge. Numerous studies have shown that it’s a much healthier position than sitting on Western-style furniture and it is very much better for our body to use an Asian-style squat toilet than a Western sit-down affair. It helps to prevent a wide range of bowel diseases that are prevalent in westernized countries, as well as conditions such as constipation, hemorrhoids, hiatus hernias, incontinence, prostate problems and more.

The Squatty Potty solution

I first became very aware of the benefits of squatting during the 20 years I lived in Bali, where hotels all have sit-down toilets for Westerners but the Balinese themselves prefer squat toilets. In the house I built for myself there, I had one of each – a squat toilet for me and a sit-down toilet for Western visitors.

When I left Bali in 2010 to move back to live in the UK, I didn’t want to settle for a life of Western toilets again so I looked for a solution. Happily, in 2011, I found one. it’s a footstool called the Squatty Potty. I bought one immediately and have used it ever since.

It seems I’m in good company, too. I recently heard that actors Hugh Jackman, Sally Field and Bryan Cranston all use them and rave about them. So do TV host Jimmy Kimmel, basketball star Stephen Curry and model Ashley Graham.

In fact, over five million Squatty Potties have been sold worldwide in the last ten years, due in no small part to an unusual promotional ad that has been viewed on YouTube over 39 million times. As one person said after watching it: ‘Still one of the very few commercials that made me buy a product I didn’t already know I needed. And definitely the only one that actually made a difference in my life!’

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

Or there’s the shorter, more practical version here:

How the Squatty Potty works in 20 seconds!

The Squatty Potty company is based in the US and has branches in other countries. There are also many imitators, so there are lots of designs to choose from. I have a beautiful, curvaceous bamboo one myself, but the company doesn’t make those any more. They do other designs in bamboo, teak and white plastic. All are made of renewable or recyclable materials.

Try before you buy

There’s an easy way to try before you buy. Just place a couple of paint tins or two piles of books next to your toilet and use them as a makeshift Squatty Potty to experience what a difference changing your pooing posture can make.

Full transparency
I have no affiliation of any kind with Squatty Potty LLC. They don’t even know I’m writing this article.

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  1. I’m too shy and normally do not dare to leave comments.

    This article is so interesting and gave different perspective of difference in posture between Asia and Europe.

    I found the clip pretty hilarious. It made me laugh a lot.

    Thank you, Karen for interesting articles.

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