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Most people have no idea there is more to life than the mundane level at which it is generally lived. This online course is for those who are seeking more.


The Seven Levels of Consciousness is a model I have developed since 1978 as a result of my personal exploration of the unseen worlds of energy. It is not based on theory, intention or intuition. The levels are actual and tangible. They exist all the time and can be perceived by anyone who knows how to do so.

During 1995 to 2009, I created an Advanced Space Clearing workshop that I taught many times in the UK, US, Australia and Ireland, as well as in Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, and many European and Scandinavian countries. At each event, I used special techniques to allow workshop participants to experience the different levels first-hand.

Or rather, I opened access to Levels 6, 5, 4 and 3. I omitted Level 7 for the reasons I will explain in the course. And I omitted Levels 2 and 1 because they are at the uppermost range of human possibility and far too rarified to be landed in that way.

But even without those three levels, the experience of being in spaces of consciousness that are beyond the level of everyday life was an extraordinary, memorable and life-changing event for each person. It was not uncommon for some to sit with tears of joy streaming down their faces as they reconnected to parts of themselves they had been out of contact with for years.

Experiencing the different levels of consciousness was so awakening, like being brought out of a long, deep sleep I had fallen into without even knowing it. – Workshop participant

About the course

It will not be possible for me to pass such intense experiences via an online course. But I’m confident that the virtual space I will create for the course will allow me to pass the essence of the levels that people experienced in those workshops. And also something extra, which is a deeper understanding of how to access them in your own life. You will learn how to recognize the glimpses you had of some of the higher levels when you were young and how to cultivate having more than just glimpses in the future.

Of course I cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to perceive all the levels. If you are too entrenched in the mundane aspects of life, it will be a serious stretch for you to get beyond that level. And cognizing the higher levels will not happen automatically for anyone. I can open the door but you will have to do the personal work to make it part of your own life.

What I can promise is insights into levels of consciousness that most people do not even know exist and a taste of what it feels like to live at those levels. If you are an experienced meditator you are likely to find the spaces familiar, depending on the style of meditation you practice and your proficiency. But the course is not just for meditators. It’s for anyone seeking greater awareness and a deeper level of meaning in their life.

This course is most likely the single most influential thing I’ve ever done in my life. – English participant

This course brought into focus things I’ve sensed or experienced but hadn’t put a name to – American participant

This course has helped me make sense of so many experiences in my life and given me a whole new way of viewing and being in the world. – Australian participant

Testimonials of previous participants of The Seven Levels of Consciousness online course

How this course is different to my other courses

Unlike my other online courses, you do not need to be at home to participate in this one. You can apply what you learn as you go about your life, wherever you are. All that’s required is that you have internet access for most days of the course so that you can read and action the steps as they are posted.

How to book

The only opportunity to take the course this year is May 5-25, 2023.
The Early Bird Price of £95 is available until May 14, 2023 (plus 20% VAT for UK residents)
More information & booking

Note: I generally don’t recommend taking more than one of my online courses at the same time. This applies to this course more than to any other course I teach.

This is an advanced course so if you have never taken an online course with me before, this is not the one to start with. Please begin with one of my other courses instead.

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