Perth it is, then

Perth, Australia

Several times in my life, I’ve moved to live in a place I’ve never lived before. When making such a decision, I’ve found that an essential step is to visit for a while, to get a feel for it. Staying in a hotel won’t do it, but renting self-catering accommodation will give a pretty good idea what it is like to live there on a day-to-day basis.

Doing a recce

Richard and I decided earlier this year that we want to move to Australia. Having narrowed our choice of destinations down to two possible cities, we recently did a three-week recce in Perth and Sydney to decide which one it would be. We already know Sydney very well, but we hardly knew Perth at all. We had only made a three-day visit some years ago out of curiosity when a flight we were taking happened to stop there, and this brief experience was not enough to base such a life-changing decision on.

For a couple of months before our trip, I signed up to receive Google Alerts for news articles about Perth, and scanned the daily digest of information that arrived in my inbox. What immediately struck me was how different the newsfeed is to where we currently live in the Malvern Hills in England. Here the news headlines are such things as ‘Hundreds of free trees planted in sports field by volunteers’ or ‘Hotel in Malvern is flushed with pride over toilet accolade’, whereas in Perth it’s ‘Shark warning for Perth beaches’ and ‘Orphaned baby kangaroo adopted by WA police officer’, with accompanying cute photo. It’s a very different lifestyle.

Exploring land energies

A mistake people often make when exploring a new place is to drive everywhere. This will give you visual impressions but no idea what the location actually feels like. For that you need to park the car and get out and walk a bit. How your body feels in a place is very different to what your mind thinks about it, and taking the time to do this will give you insights into your compatibility with the land energies and how much you feel at home there.

If possible, sit or lie on the ground too, or on a stone wall, if there is one. This will put more of your body in contact with the land and will deepen your etheric interaction with the place.

How well you sleep in a location can also be a very good indicator, and I’m happy to report that we slept OK in Sydney, but in Perth we slept like babes. It felt deeply nurturing and ripe with possibilities for our future.

Interacting with the locals

Another important aspect is to interact with the people who live there. Those who were born there will know things about the area that no amount of googling will reveal, and how friendly they are towards you will give you a good indication of how welcome outsiders generally are. Those who have moved there can give you a more objective view of the place, and its pros and cons. If you also happen to know a few people who used to live there, they will have a different viewpoint again.

Very encouragingly, the first adjective that springs to people’s mind whenever we mention Perth is “lovely”, and I can’t think of any other large city in the world that would evoke such a consistent similar response. It has two million inhabitants, yet a wonderful feeling of freshness and space. And the people are so friendly. We felt very welcome there.

All things considered, we absolutely loved it, and we’ll be moving to Perth as soon as our UK house has been sold.

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6 Responses to Perth it is, then

  1. Nadya says:

    What a lovely place to move! Several of my Intentional Creativity artist SiStars live in Australia, and I would love to visit them! Blessings on your move.

  2. Melbourneite says:

    You’ll have access to beautiful (and relatively wild) coast and desert landscapes all around. Also, whale-spotting! It’s quite an amazing place.

  3. Anne says:


    As a Perth girl who has lived interstate in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra over the past 35 years. I have recently returned to Perth due to personal circumstances, including the health of my elderly parents. I agree with Louellyn’s comment that Canberra is a hidden gem. It’s the nation’s capital, a planned inland city, with beauty and open spaces and with great healing energies.

    And I look forward to welcoming you to Perth in 2017.

  4. Joanne says:

    Hi Karen and Richard glad to hear of your great decision to choose Perth. I for one heartily approve. Not that I’m biased it just means won’t have to travel so far to do your courses.😀

  5. Louellyn says:

    You must come and have a look around Canberra, it’s a hidden gem. And because the rest of Australia hates it (just because Parliament sits here, and Aussies hate Pollies) there’s room to move.

    Welcome to Oz 😊

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