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Very glad to hear that eBay has announced that from 1 September 2012, ‘due to a large number of misclassified items and eBay policy violations’, spells, curses, hexing,  conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services and magic potions will be prohibited from sale on the US eBay site.

On the UK site, they will be removing entirely the two categories of Spells, Charms & Magic, and also Clairvoyance & Readings. But as one person commented on a forum I read about this, ‘At least the psychics will have seen this coming!’

I personally hope this ban will also include all the dubious talismans and protective devices that are sold by feng shui retailers which, in my experience, are based in fear-mongering superstitious nonsense and really get feng shui a bad name. They may once have had a genuine function when utilised by feng shui practitioners in Ancient China who wielded serious forces, but today they are nothing but a joke. In my opinion, there needs to be a systematic purging of these outdated elements from modern feng shui practices to improve its effectiveness, credibility and public acceptance.

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