Is clutter clearing a sacred event?


I’ve heard there’s a new trend in the UK for creating decluttering ceremonies.

Apparently what happens is that instead of just sorting through your stuff and heaving bagfuls of it out of the door, you light some candles, play some lovely music, and generally try to convince yourself the whole process is sacred in some way. At the end of the session you burn a line of candles next to the wall to magically remove “dead energy” from the clutter-cleared area.

Oh dear.

For a start, burning candles near walls is not a space clearing technique. The only tangible effects of doing this are likely to be black candle soot smudges up the walls and wax drippings on the floor.

And while clutter clearing can be hugely transformational because you are letting go of the old to make room for the new, in my experience the most effective approach is a practical, down-to-earth, roll-up-your sleeves one, with the grit and determination to get the job done. Some people find they can do this better with some music playing, but it needs to have an upbeat rhythm that will keep you moving, not sweet little melodies that will sooth your soul.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favour of anything that makes clutter clearing more enjoyable and fun. People who follow the systems I teach report that their whole approach to clutter clearing changes and it becomes a treat they genuinely look forward to rather than a chore that has to be done.

But trying to make a sacred ceremony out of it is a hopeless cause. The low level stagnant energies that accumulate around clutter keep you a world apart from anything sacred. Lighting a few candles, however sincere your intention, is not going to suddenly change that.

So where does clutter clearing fit in the scheme of things?

A useful calibration Rchard and I teach to the space clearing practitioners we train is a scale of Levels of Consciousness, where Level 7 is the lowest level that human life can sink to and Level 1 is the most exalted state of enlightenment that can be attained. The activities of everyday life are at Level 6, whereas humans are designed to live at Level 5 and above. Experiences of the truly sacred begin at Level 3, and are very far removed from what most people will ever come into contact with.

The numbers assigned to these levels have not been randomly picked out of a hat. They are derived from decades of exploration of spiritual realms and human consciousness, interwoven with the study of how space clearing can raise the energies of a space to facilitate higher levels of engagement.

And clutter? Well, one of the main reasons that clutter is such a problem for anyone seeking more meaning in their life is that it keeps you in the mundane environment of Level 6. I would go so far as to say there is no point in doing any kind of self-improvement work at all unless you have cleared your clutter first.

And will clutter clearing automatically move you up to the realms of Level 5? No, it’s not that easy. Not by a long way. But it is the first essential step towards a life that is not encumbered by material possessions, which can open the door to an awareness that there can be more to our earthly existence than living at Level 6.

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One Response to Is clutter clearing a sacred event?

  1. I sincerely appreciate your note about personal development being just about pointless without the decluttering experience. I have seen and been in some meditation and other such circles filled with phony people who innocently believe they are on a spiritual path when they show up to practices with their clutter cobwebs around their heads and bodies. It is truly amazing how a person who has not had a true transformation from de-cluttering remains unrefined about all sorts of matters, not least of which personal development, and conversely how someone with a true transformation from decluttering has a fresh and clean perspective on self and life.

    I am not convinced that most people who claim to understand what decluttering is about and go as far as claiming to be decluttering experts have authentically experienced the change and clarity from decluttering. Such people include members of supposedly advanced spiritual path. It is great that more and more people declutter their homes to bring it to some decent level of orderliness but the personal transformation from decluttering seems to remain at this stage privy to only a handful of people.

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