How Zero Procrastination can change your life

To Do list

Can a To Do list be a form of clutter in your life? You bet your sweet pineapple it can!

Mental clutter

The most obvious form of clutter is the physical stuff lying around your home. But the mental clutter of things not done can be just as much of a problem. Both kinds will hold you back and prevent you from being all that you can be.

The longer you put off doing things, the more they drain your energy, and the harder it becomes to bring yourself up-to-date. A mountain of tasks awaiting your attention doesn’t exactly inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning and polish them off.

Or does it?

The bottom-up approach

Every To Do system I’ve ever come across approaches the problem by helping you to put systems in place to dig yourself out of the pit you find yourself in.

Yes, that can work, but it’s a thankless task and requires a huge investment of willpower to keep going, day after day.

I’m not denying the value of systems or willpower. Both are great assets to have. But this is a bottom-up approach that depletes your adrenals and doesn’t create much fulfilment. You get stuff done, but are left feeling at the end of your life, what was the point of all that?

The top-down approach

What if I told you there’s another way? A way that will show you how you to make every item on your To Do list something you’ll happily want to complete, rather than it being a chore?

When people first take my Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course, they don’t believe me when I tell them that they will soon look forward to clutter clearing as a treat. But the techniques I teach them do just that. Physical clutter clearing becomes a joy.

I do the same in my Zero Procrastination course, but with regard to mental clutter. It’s a matter of changing standpoint and a few other snags that hold people back. Your relationship with To Do lists will never be the same again.

Still procrastinating?

Are you ready to turn your life around or are you still thinking of waiting a while before taking the plunge? Take the procrastinating wombat part of you totally by surprise. The next course starts on September 5, and you can sign up for it here.

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