How to shield your home from neighbourhood WiFi

Wifi city

A 3-bedroom apartment for sale in San Francisco has recently made the news because it has the distinction of having been extensively remodelled to block out all WiFi radiation from the surrounding neighbourhood. These and other modifications have notched the sale price up to a cool $8.6 million, which is more than triple the original price paid seven years ago.

To achieve this level of shielding, the owners painted all the external walls, floors, and ceilings with semi-conducting electromagnetic field (EMF) blocking paint and linked them all together with wire strips to create a Faraday cage effect. The windows were also coated in a transparent EMF-blocking polymer.

Somewhat puzzling is that there is no mention of shielding any of the electrical wiring and equipment inside the apartment, which can be just as much of a health problem as WiFi radiation from outside. Hopefully they did their research properly and have taken care of that too.

While most people wouldn’t want to go this far to shield their home, many people are affected to some degree by neighbourhood WiFi, and painting your bedroom walls, in particular, can bring about an extraordinary improvement in the quality of your sleep.

Yshield paint
Shielding paint is now easily available to anyone who wants it. The best I have found is made by a German company called Yshield, which delivers to most countries around the world. The paint can be used to shield radiation from cellphone towers, radar, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, smart meters, mobile phones, cordless (DECT) phones, wireless networks (WLAN), and EMFs from power supply lines.

I can personally vouch for Yshield’s effectiveness because I’ve used it in my own home. We are far from any cell phone masts and do not use any WiFi devices at home, but our neighbours keep their router turned on 24/7, which affects the area where my home office is located. Two coats of Yshield paint, properly earthed to a plate on the wall and covered by two coats of regular paint, blocked out the continual bombardment of WiFi signals and genuinely astonished me by the difference it made. I felt like a weight I hadn’t even realized I’d been carrying had been lifted off me. Readings taken on my Acoustimeter confirm that WiFi levels have fallen to zero.

WiFi inside your home
Of course, there’s no point blocking out external sources of WiFi if you still generate it inside your home by using a WiFi router or cordless (DECT) phones. Here are links to more information about that…

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14 Responses to How to shield your home from neighbourhood WiFi

  1. Just completed bedrooms with yshield, and mesh on windows. Just checked…..brought cell phone into bedroom, still had 5 bars and worked well. Why is this??? I sleep 5 hrs a WEEK, what do I do?? Yshield and mesh didnt do a thing.

    1. Here are some suggestions I hope will help you…

      Do you understand you have to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before checking its effectiveness?

      Did you hire an electrician to install a grounding plate on each wall of your bedroom before the Yshield paint was applied and then connect it correctly? It won’t work without this.

      If your answer to both of these questions is yes then your next step needs to be to take readings with a reliable WiFi meter such as the Acousticom 2 or Acoustimeter so that you can establish which direction the RF radiation is coming from. If you live in an apartment, it could be coming through the floor. If your bedroom is on the top floor, it could be coming through the roof, etc. You won’t get this information from just turning on a cellphone in the room.

  2. Hello Karen,
    I recently heard about something called Orgonite, which people claim ‘can take on the negative energy output of any device and transmute it into positive energy…it helps clear negative output from any human technological device.’ Apparently orgonite is made from ‘resin, crystals and metals’. I am a bit skeptical about these and wondered if you have ever heard of them/had experience with them and therefore what your advice regarding them is. Thanks!

  3. Hi I am interested in using the paint on the entire side of my home to block my neighbor’s smart meter. I read somewhere however that grounding may not be healthy. Is that true? Please let me know. Thank you

    1. Before you go to any expense, the first step is to use a WiFi meter such as an Acoustimeter to check what level if WiFi you are being exposed to. A smart meter in your own home can certainly affect you but the EMFs of one in your neighbour’s home may not.

      Yshield paint is conductive so must be earthed using a special grounding plate to prevent the risk of electrocution if you, or subsequent occupants of the space, decide to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, for example. If you have a dirty electricity problem in your home, you will need to deal with that first before linking the grounding plate to your home’s electricity system.

      Another option you may like to consider is gifting your neighbour a smart meter guard or cover. I haven’t needed to use either of these solutions myself so you will need to research them yourself.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Not sure you are still answering emails on this site. I’ve the same problem as the gal above. My bedroom was checked out by an EMF expert and it seems the Radio Frequency is coming from the other side of my bedroom wall where my neighbour seems to have 5 or so routers sitting!

    I want to deal with this as my sleep issues I thought were my doing but now think these routers may be the cause of my inability to fall asleep till 3am. Would painting the offensive wall REALLY work? I am a bit skeptical especially since the paint costs a lot and am thinking about the toxicity of the Paint as well??? Am I just adding another problem to the mix? Your input would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Vicki – As I say in my article, I can personally vouch for Yshield’s effectiveness because I’ve used it in my own home. However, EMFs reduce dramatically with distance so your neighbour’s routers may not even be reaching as far as your bed (you would need to take exact readings to determine this), and busy dreams and feeling tired the next morning are a much more common side-effect of EMF exposure than insomnia so there may be no connection at all. Too much blue light exposure during the day and evening from LEDs and computers, laptops, tablets or phones is a much more likely cause of not being able to sleep, especially if you suffer from dry eyes too.

  5. Yshield review: defective, complaint. Bought shielding fabric (Daylight, Daylite) less than two years ago in hawaii. It is becoming green, I believe from corrosion. Never washed, or exposed to excessive moisture. Yshield offered no remedy or warranty. Buyer beware. Product may not be suitable for some climates.

  6. Hello – I’m curious if you are aware of Wandil peat textiles – out of Germany. They are said to help with wi-fi shielding as well. Any thoughts?

    1. The idea that peat can offer some protection against electromagnetic radiation seems to have come from a prediction made by Rudolph Steiner back in the 1920’s but I am not aware of any scientific studies to substantiate this. He was ahead of his time in some respects, but many of his predictions have not turned out to be accurate.

      An article by Tessa Therkleson at includes one of the best comments about the use of peat that I have seen. She says, ‘Peat products in themselves do not cure us; rather they can be used to form a protective layer around us, allowing our own life forces to sustain, strengthen and heal us.’

      This bears out my own experience that wearing natural fabrics such as cotton is much more supportive of our life force energy than wearing synthetic fabrics, especially fabrics that are worn close to the skin. I have written briefly about this in How to clutter clear your clothes with confidence.

  7. Hello Karen, having read your earlier articles, I always turn my router off at night and usually my mobile phone, but I live in a flat and potentially have neighbours on two sides, and also on the floors above and below, who are leaving routers and mobiles on all night. Most unnerving is the fact that I sleep with my head only a couple of feet from my neighbour’s bed so this is potentially the closest source of WiFi or mobile radiation. I’m thinking of painting just this one wall with shield paint for now, until I can investigate the general WiFi and radiation sources around me. Would an Acoustimeter give you a picture of which direction any WiFi or other radiation is coming from? And how much does radiation diminish with distance? In other words, is it likely I’m affected by my more distant neighbours in the apartment block, just as much as the adjoining ones? Many thanks.

    1. WiFi radiation does diminish with distance, but it goes through walls and the effect compounds, depending on how many sources of WiFi you are exposed to. An Acoustimeter can be used to show you the exact level of radiation in any part of your home. If you don’t want precise figures but just want to know which areas have levels that are too high, then an Acousticom 2 is more affordable and will do the job.

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