How to make the most of Crimbo Limbo

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Crimbo Limbo is the period between Christmas and New Year when many people have time off work and stay at home. It’s a mysterious wrinkle in the warp of time – a deliciously unpressured few days, when the world seems to recede and you don’t need to be anywhere or do anything.

What usually happens with unstructured time like this is that one day blends into the next, and you emerge at the other end not knowing where the hours went. But if you approach it more purposefully, it can be amazingly productive, in a very self-pleasing and fulfilling way.

The trick is to do something you really want to do, that you have put off doing for a while because it needs a stretch of time you never seemed to have. It will feel like a lovely treat to yourself because it’s been such a long time coming, and it will leave you with a satisfying sense of achievement at the end.

Here are some examples to give you some ideas…

Crimbo Limbo treats

Do some home improvements
Caring for your home is caring for yourself. Brighten one of your rooms by giving it a lick of paint. Clean your carpets or curtains. Do any little jobs around the home that you haven’t had time to get around to.

Sort through your photosGather all your photos together, sort through them all, keep the best, and toss the rest. You can also go one step further and organize the ones you’re keeping into photo albums that will delight you and others for years to come.

Stay in touch with friends
Make a list of friends you haven’t stayed in contact with as much as you would have liked to. Send each of them a message or give them a call. Catch up on all their news and share your own.

Clear your paper clutter
Sort through any piles of paper clutter that have accumulated during the year. It feels wonderful to start the New Year afresh, with no backlog at all.

Clear out your closets
Clear out any closets, cupboards, or cabinets in your home that have become cluttered or disorganized.

Clear an entire room
If you have an entire room that has filled with stuff, such as an attic or a junk room, roll up your sleeves and go for it. Work out out how many days you have available, divide the room into that number of sections, and complete one section each day until it’s done.

Read books you haven’t yet finished
If there are books you started to read during the year and haven’t yet finished, use these few days of Crimbo Limbo to polish them off. If there are any you can’t be bothered to finish, let them go at the end of the year.

These are just a few suggestions to get you in the zone. There are many other possibilities. Pick the project that appeals the most and begin!

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  1. The only problem in Sydney, Australia is that the sales start the day after Boxing Day and never end. So Karen keep up your excellent work.
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