How to buy a new laptop that won’t fry you

Laptop readingsI went shopping for a laptop this weekend and found one I really liked. It was a beautiful red colour, and if I hadn’t had my EMF meter with me to check it, I would have bought it then and there. The top photo shows the electromagnetic reading I took, and why I quickly walked away.

This isn’t the highest EMF reading I’ve ever seen on a laptop. Macbooks, for example, are usually even higher. But it’s way beyond what I believe should be legally permissible.

Most people do not experience any health effects with exposure to electric fields of up to 10 volts per meter, although up to 5 V/m is the optimum level to aim for. Prolonged exposure to 10-20 V/m can result in health problems. And over 20 V/m, serious health conditions can develop over time.

People have different levels of tolerance depending on how sensitive they are and how strong their immune system is. I can happily work with 5-10 V/m but always get stiffness in my hands, dizziness, fatigue and nausea using a laptop with EMFs any higher than that.

The thing is, there really is no need these days to buy a laptop that fries you. I remember going round a computer shop 15 years ago with my EMF meter, and the only one I could find with acceptable levels cost twice as much as the others. I bit the bullet and bought it on that occasion, but this weekend I found an almost identical laptop in the next aisle (see bottom photo), with exactly the same spec and price tag but EMFs that were 7311% lower. It’s a no brainer which one I bought. I like red, but not at such a cost to my health.

An electronics expert once explained to me that manufacturers need to make a very small adjustment inside the laptop to reduce EMFs but most of them do not know or care about the issue so are not willing to spend anything extra to resolve it. So until the happy day when there is legislation to make them do this, I’ll continue to shop with my EMF meter in hand.

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2 Responses to How to buy a new laptop that won’t fry you

  1. Thanks for this helpful article. I’d be curious to know where you got the EMF meter and what else should be checked other than laptops. I’d also love to know what you ended up buying. It’s not endorsement, just a fact if you are willing to share it.

  2. Thanks Karen for another great blog! Do you mind sharing which one the ‘goodie’ is? I am just getting a new one myself… : )

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